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Were you ever jealous of your friends sporting intricate braids or those celebrities on red carpets with perfectly styled hair. Well, now you can too with these easy yet fashionable ponytail hairstyles. 

Have you ever been late to school because your ponytail just wasn’t cooperating? Or are you tired of sporting a simple style to work every day? There are tons of quick ponytail hairstyles that are easy to follow and glam up your day look. Whether you have long or short hair, thin or curly, there is a hairstyle for every hair type and length. 

Types of ponytail hairstyles 

ponytail hairstyles Sky-high ponytail 

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Sky-high ponytail 

If you can French braid your own hair and create crown braids, move along. This ponytail hairstyle is for us clumsy hands who can barely braid our own hair. Get Ariana Grande’s signature sky-high ponytail by making it sit just right on top of your head. Another bonus is that it makes your face and neck look slim while drawing focus to your cheekbones.  

How to: Start by grabbing all of your hair tightly. The trick is to bend over, gather your hair and shift it till you feel that it is in the centre of your head. Tie it up with a couple of hair ties to keep it upright. You can also stick in some bobby pins at the back so that your ponytail remains sky high. 

ponytail hairstyles Bubble ponytail 

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Bubble ponytail 

For a stylish yet easy ponytail hairstyle, this bubble look is your best friend. The quirky style works in a formal setting as well as during a girl’s night out. You can also bling it up by adding cute clips to each level. 

How to: Gather all of your hair into a ponytail and tie it your usual way. And then every two to three inches, keep adding a hair tie. Lightly fluff up the hair on each level to get that desired bubble effect. 

ponytail hairstyles Low ponytail  

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Low ponytail  

Now this low ponytail hairstyle works perfectly for long hair as it lets you flaunt your gorgeous mane without it falling on your face or getting messed up in the wind. And it is literally as easy as it looks. 

How to: All you need to do is loosely grab your hair and tie the hair band near the base of your neck. Pull out a few strands near your face. And you’re done! Take a thin strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it. After wrapping it around, you can either stick it in the hair tie or pin it in place with a bobby pin. 

ponytail hairstyles Twisted ponytail  

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Twisted ponytail  

Are you at the awkward length where your pixie cut is now long enough to tickle your neck but not long enough to get into a plait? Well, the twisted ponytail is here to rescue you from this stylistic dilemma. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about it looking neat or staying in place at all. 

How to: Twist a couple of strands from each side of your face and pin it at the back. Next, gather your hair including the lower ends of the pinned strands into a mid-high or low ponytail.  

ponytail hairstyles Voluminous ponytail 

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Voluminous ponytail 

Got curly hair that seems to have a mind of its own? The voluminous ponytail is sleek at the top and voluminous at the lengths and will finally give you control over your curly mane. 

How to: You will need a lot of styling gel, to begin with. Apply the Dove Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel on the crown and comb your hair to get sleek hair on the top. The alcohol and paraben-free gel contains flax seed and locks in moisture to give your curls a frizz-free look. Next, gather your hair at the nape of the neck and tie a tight ponytail. 

ponytail hairstyles Scarf ponytail  

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Scarf ponytail  

Do you not have time to do anything but make a simple ponytail? Well, upgrade your whole look by tying on a scarf or ribbon. Whether you pair it with a floral dress in summer or a denim jacket in the winter, this hairstyle suits every mood and occasion.  

How to: We doubt this even requires any steps. First, tie your ponytail the way you do. After securing it with a hair tie, wrap a scarf or ribbon over it and tie it. And that’s about it. 

ponytail hairstyles Accessorised ponytail 

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Accessorised ponytail 

This hairstyle is exactly what the name suggests. Scarves and ribbons are not the only things that you can add to accessorise your hair. Go ham with clips and pins and colourful bands to add a trendy twist to your mane.  

How to: Tie the usual classic ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Hide the hair tie by adding a colourful band, ribbon or tiny clips. You can also adorn your crown by adding small clips to the strands framing your face to jump in on the Y2K trend. Or if you want to keep things elegant, forego the tiny clips and add a statement piece like a floral barrette over the hair tie. 

ponytail hairstyles Messy ponytail 

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Messy ponytail 

Whether it is messy hair, a messy bun or a messy ponytail, the mess is ‘in’! You can even forego your comb. But do make sure that there are no knots in your hair. The trick is not to run your hands through your crown. The moment you swipe your hair, it will fall flat and give you that sleek classic look which is not what we are going for.  

How to: Use your fingers to comb through and remove knots and tangles from mid-length to the tips. Then grab all of your hair at the base of your neck and lift it high. Next, tie a loose and simple ponytail to make it look effortlessly styled. Take a section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the hair tie. And you’re done! 

ponytail hairstyles Half ponytail 

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Half ponytail 

Another ponytail hairstyle that you can try for short hair is the half and half style. It is the neater version of the half bun as it gives you a business in the front and party at the back look. It even works wonders on a bad hair day as your greasy hair can turn into the intentional sleek crown and fluffy back.  

How to: All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections horizontally. If you have frizzy hair, you can add some styling gel to the top half of your hair. Next, comb it tightly to the back and tie it. Tease out the bottom section of the hair to give a full volume look in the back. 

ponytail hairstyles Bouffant ponytail 

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Bouffant ponytail 

Are you a sucker for vintage looks like the beehive or the Farah Fawcett bangs? Imitate the whimsical looks of the early Bollywood heroines from Sharmila Tagore to Sadhana with a modern take on the puffy retro bun. And it is bound to make you the centre of attention with all that glamour and drama on your head. 

How to: Leave 3-4 inches of hair from the front and brush the rest to the back. Tease and backcomb your hair from the crown to create volume. Hold your hair, push towards the front and make a puffed-up bouffant. Secure with bobby pins. Pull your hair in a ponytail and place it in the middle of the head. Add a hair tie to secure. 

ponytail hairstyles Braid ponytail 

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Braid ponytail 

Now that you have tried these easy ponytails, are you up for a challenge? No, we will not make you French or Dutch braid your own hair. But if you are comfortable with normal braids, try adding a couple of plaits to jazz up your ponytail. 

How to: Take a couple of strands from the side of your face and braid them. Pin it to the back of your head and repeat on the other side. Next, gather your hair including the lower ends of the braided strands into a mid-high ponytail.  

ponytail hairstyles Rosette ponytail 

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Rosette ponytail 

What are we here for if not to spill all the secrets of complicated-looking hairstyles. The rosette ponytail may look like ten hands may be involved but it actually just requires simple three-strand braids and a couple of bobby pins. If you’re known as the lazy girl or the tomboy, shock all your friends by sporting this intricate hairdo at your next outing. 

How to: Braid thin strands of hair from each side of your head and tie them together with a small hair tie in the middle. Then braid that section into your usual three-strand braid. Next, pull the braided strand to your left and start rolling it in towards the hair tie to create a circular rose-like shape aka the rosette. Secure it in the centre over the hair tie by adding four to five bobby pins. 

Now were we lying when we said we would be listing the easiest yet most fashionable ponytail hairstyles? Well, then get to it and try out these quirky and simple hairstyles to spruce up your everyday look.