Ever since the lockdown began, TikTok has become go-to place for all things beauty and fashion. Content creators on the platform have been sharing some amazing hacks and tips that are winning the internet and how!

One such viral trend that’s doing the rounds of TikTok is inspired by the popular Netflix series Money Heist. Named the pencil bun, the hairstyle is sported by one of the characters on the show, inspector Raquel Murillo -- who gained instant popularity for tying her hair in a stylish bun using nothing but a pencil. Yes, a pencil. Sounds cool, right?

Here’s how to create the Money Heist inspired pencil bun in a few easy steps.

money heist tik tok pencil bun

Step 01: Gather all your hair in a ponytail and hold it where you want the base of your bun to be.

Step 02: Twist the ponytail clockwise twice and hold it with your left hand now.

Step 03: With your right hand, insert a pencil horizontally from under your hair and leave a distance of about 2 inches from your head.

Step 04: Now, hold the hair and pencil in one hand and wrap the remaining hair around the pencil and then pull the pencil straight up.

Step 05: Now, once again, twist your hair clockwise to wrap all your hair perfectly around the pencil.

Step 06: When you notice that all the hair is wrapped around the pencil, push the pencil downwards at a slight angle, while turning it clockwise.

And ta-da! Your chic bun is ready to be flaunted.

Image courtesy: @elliestores

Main image courtesy: @saffylouhughes and @rebel.waves