This 90S Micro Braid Look Is Making A Major Comeback — Here’s How To Do It

Written by Urvi ShahAug 18, 2022
This 90s micro braid look is making a major comeback — here’s how to do it

We’re witnessing a major comeback of 90s trends. From low-slung jeans, supermodel lips, grunge eyeliner, and cat-eyed sunglasses to barrettes, Winona-inspired pixie-cuts, and iridescent eyeshadows, there are a few signature trends from the trail-blazing decade that have resurfaced and are dominating runways, photoshoots, and the internet. We’re starting to think we’re living through a remixed rendition of the 90s.


What’s this two-minute hairstyle that has every celebrity obsessed?

Here’s how to create micro braids


Image Courtesy: @bellahadid

We’re not surprised when we see another celebrity reviving one of the decade’s most-coveted hairstyles. Resurrected by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian, baby braids have made a case for themselves in the past year.

Grazing the forehead, skimming the cheeks, and caressing the chin, these braids frame the face perfectly. Can you tell that we’re absolutely obsessed with this hairstyle? And because we were obsessed with this whimsical multi-braided look, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for you to refer to when you’re recreating the braids.



Here’s how to create micro braids

Here’s how to create micro braids

Image Courtesy: @arianagrande

The thought of recreating these intricately-twisted, detailed braids with minimal chunks of hair sounds a little intimidating, but they’re not challenging to replicate. All you have to do is create a middle part. Run a few drops of your go-to serum through your hair to soften them, tame flyaways, and repel frizz.

Proceed to pull two small sections of hair from the front, and start braiding them. You can twirl your tendrils into a standard three-way braid. Or let other styles lend themselves to the look. Gigi Hadid’s iconic bubble braids for instance. All you have to do is retrieve a lot of elastics for this look. The placement of elastics for this style depends on the length of your hair. Add an elastic one inch from the shaft of the hair, and add another one inch from the first elastic. Continue this until you reach the ends of your hair. Maintaining an equal distance between each braid is ideal. Use your fingers to pull at every section. This will loosen the braid, and create a bubble-like effect.

You can do a two-way braid - also known as a rope braid - as well. For a modern look, you can choose to not secure the braids with elastic. Leave them untied, and let the plaits unravel naturally at the ends.

You can add your twist to the trend. If you think braids that are bound loosely flatter you more, go for it! Or experiment with a tighter micro-plait look. It depends on you! Like Dua Lipa, you can play with thicker sections of your hair, and braid the piece right until the tips - or draw inspiration from Ariana’s look, and secure the rest of your hair in a swept-back, sky-high ponytail. Pack a punch by interspersing your tendrils with accessories (we’re talking butterfly clips, colourful rubber bands, etc.) — this will capture the essence of a true 90s look.

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