Fall 2021: 7 hottest hair trends to copy this season

Written by Pratishtha RanaSep 24, 2021

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be! No matter how laid back you’ve been about your hair during the pandemic, it’s time for a much-needed hair transformation. Why you ask? Because the fall season is here, and just like everything else, your hair needs a makeover too.

Luckily for us, the beauty community shares the same level of excitement when it comes to fall. We’re seeing a rise in catchy hair colours and hairstyles that instantly elevate the look from drab to fab! So gear up and check out our round-up of the hottest fall 2021 hair trends to try RN…

01. Warm chocolate

For girls who want to transition to a new hair colour without looking too OOT, bookmark this warm chocolate colour done in a free-flowing balayage technique. While the roots display a natural dark hair colour, the mid-lengths and ends follow a rhythm of light caramel mixed with chocolate hues.

02. Spicy red

We think fall hair trends are incomplete without the classic fiery red hair colour! And if your life motto is ‘go bold or go home’, then this hair inspo is for you. Sassy, bold and very ‘out there’, the palette is a blend of orange and spicy red, which starts soft on the roots and concludes with a vibrant tint towards the end.

03. Soft purple

We get it. You’ve been long waiting for fall, and now that it’s almost here, you wish to jump on the #NewHairNewMe bandwagon. We say, think purple. Yes, nowhere close to classic browns, mochas and reds, purple hair colour may actually give you that much-needed hair upgrade you’ve been dreaming of! This one flaunts a faded black-silver base with delicate tones of purple thrown in on the sides and front.

04. Chic money piece

If you like experimenting with your looks, you’ll love this fall hair trend that’s been going on HOT for a while now. Called money piece, it is a face-framing hair colouring technique that looks equal parts exquisite and extra (and we love extra!) This one features a thin section of hair on the front, dyed in a cyan-blue tone, followed by light blonde colour on the back and crown.

05. Face framing layers

Consider a long, face-framing layer haircut if you don’t want a major change in your lengths. Cascading layers fall on the shoulders with a very subtle definition that makes the overall look very soft and balanced.

06. Edgy bob

Short-length bob haircuts are getting some big attention this fall, and rightly so. They make you look chic and badass, and we love that energy tbh! Bookmark this fall haircut, and make sure to ask your stylist to give your bob hair some edgy, blunt ends that would lightly graze your cheekbones and compliment your face shape.

07. Modern shags

People have been excited about this haircut for a while now, and we can’t end our fall hair trends round-up without mentioning it. Enter: the super-hot modern shag haircut. A revival from the 70s and 90s, it actually looks nothing like that era – and that’s the catch. The modern shag is more maintenance-friendly and can be tried on different hair lengths.