Got a super special event lined up on the calendar? Like a black-tie affair or a wedding? Then you must be looking for a gorgeous and exquisite hairdo right about now. A boring bun or hair let loose is no fun and it’s better to keep them regular ‘dos for a day when you don’t feel like conquering the world with your looks. But, a glam event calls for an ultra-glam hairdo. A nicely done hairdo can really amp up your style and make everyone go gaga over your look. Because, you know, it never hurts to look your best and turn heads at a party. So what are you waiting for?

Whether you want to slay your way to a red carpet event or just want to spice up your everyday look with a nice and fancy hairstyle, we have got you covered. From a chic updo to ethereal braided hairstyles, here are some really fancy hairstyles we handpicked for you to copy. So, bring out your hair sprays and heat tools and take a look at these 6 celebrity hairstyles and a step by step guide to recreate the most dazzling of looks for your big night out...


La-di-da top knot

La-di-da top knot fancy hairstyle

This sky-high knot doesn’t need any justification to be a chic fancy hairstyle as Bebo herself is sporting it (duh!). A sleek top knot with a centre parting is the most elegant look to rock at a wedding or an office party. Just get hold of some styling mousse, hairbrush and hair spray and follow these steps to score this la-di-da top knot in a minute.

Step 1: Start by straightening your hair for the effortlessly sleek look.

Step 2: Take a dollop sized amount of hair gel or styling hair mousse and apply it evenly on your hair.

Step 3: Create a crisp centre parting up to the crown and brush your hair towards the back.

Step 4: Twist your hair and wrap it into a neat bun, placing it high on top of the crown. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

Step 5: Spray hair spray and use a fine toothed comb to settle any hair flyways and baby hair.


Vintage weave

Vintage weave fancy hairstyle

Who doesn’t love to rock a thick fuller braid with a traditional outfit? We definitely do! Plus, it is one of the most beautiful fancy hairstyles to wear for a wedding. Bring out your inner diva with this retro style braid and keep the compliments coming. Even if you have thin and flat hair, here is how you can fake a fuller and thicker braid and ace this exact look.

Step 1: Spritz some texturizing spray like the Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add texture and volume to your hair.

Step 2: Brush your hair and work a loose three strand braid, starting from the crown of your head.

Step 3: Leaving the 5-6 inches from the end, add a hair tie and secure the braid.

Step 4: Pull the woven hair from the braid outwards to make it look thicker and flatter.

Step 5: Pull some hair from front for flicks and from the crown to give volume to the front.


Power ponytail

Power ponytail fancy hairstyle

You might think of a ponytail as your workout companion and the perfect hairdo for the days you don’t care to style your hair, but let us tell you ponytails can do so much more and can be fancy as well. Case in point—this 60s inspired braided ponytail with a poufy beehive at the centre. It looks incredibly chic and is super manageable too. Get this look with these simple steps:

Step 1: Brush your hair and divide it horizontally into two parts from the crown.

Step 2: Take the section on the crown and backcomb it to create volume. Push the section a little towards the front and pin it nicely to create a bouffant.

Step 3: Create a side parting on the front section and French braid both close to the hairline, bringing it along the back of the head.

Step 4: Secure the braids right below the beehive and pull all your hair in a mid-high ponytail and add a hair tie.

Step 5: Wrap a hair strand from the ponytail around the hair tie and secure it with another bobby pin. Pull out some hair wisps from the front for face framing flicks.


Va-va-voom updo

Va-va-voom updo fancy hairstyle

It’s not every day that you stumble upon a stunning hairdo with such intricate detailing that it gets you hooked. Sonam Kapoor’s knotted bun with a French braid at the front, face framing side flick and statement hair accessories are all things gorgeous and oh-so fancy hairstyle. Although it looks a bit daunting, don’t worry as here is a breakdown of the look. Achieve this offbeat updo following these simple steps. 

Step 1: Brush your hair back and create a side parting of about three inches.

Step 2: Leaving aside flick, French braid your hair starting from the parting till the crown of the head. Secure the braid with a clear hair tie.

Step 3: Pull the rest of your hair in another ponytail and add a hair tie.

Step 4: Twist the lower ponytail and wrap it around in a bun. Secure with U-pins.

Step 5: Repeat the same with braided ponytail and wrap it around the lower bun. Secure with more pins.   

Step 6: Add hair accessories and use hair spray to keep the hairstyle in place.  


Dainty twisted ‘do

Dainty twisted ‘do fancy hairstyle

If buns and braids are not really your thing and you would rather go with an elegant half up half down that is equally eye-catching, here is a look that you can give a try. The sophisticated hairstyle with twisted locks and soft waves flowing down your back is as pretty fancy hairstyle as it can get. Get this gorgeous ‘do with these steps:

Step 1: Start by curling the lower half of your hair, from below the ear area.

Step 2: Leave two sections from both the sides (to be twisted and pinned) and tease the middle front section of your hair.

Step 3: Use your fingers to comb the teased section at the back and pin it there to create a poufy front.

Step 4: Twist both the left out sections from the sides and pin it after intertwining them at the back.

Step 5: Brush the rest of the hair lightly and let some wisps from the sides frame your face.


Double braid Mohawk

Double braid Mohawk fancy hairstyle

Spruce up your usual hairdo with this quirky and insanely easy-to-achieve Mohawk braids look. It is a cute fancy hairstyle to pull off at a glam gala or even a casual gathering like a Sunday brunch with your girls. Just work a neat double braid and you are good to go and kill them with your looks. Master this edgy hairdo with these easy steps:

Step 1: Begin by creating a centre parting.

Step 2: Create another parting to the left and Dutch braid this section till you reach the crown. Secure with the clear hair tie and bobby pins. 

Step 3: Do the same on the opposite side of the centre parting and braid that section too. Secure it well so it doesn’t budge.

Step 4: Brush the rest of your hair and style it in soft curls. Finish the look by spraying hair spray for some shine.

Image courtesy: Instagram