For a while in the 2000s, every villainess from a TV show or movie seemed to share one similar trait...they all wore their hair in puffs! Shapray Veeans from ‘High School Musical’ to the iconic Komolika for your mom's favourite TV show, these women competed on how high their poof can get.

And guess what? This hairstyle has actually made a comeback in 2020, and this time, it is millennials who are wearing it. Whether you are doing an updo or letting your hair down, the hair puff has come straight out of your high school throwback pictures and into vogue!

Think you can pull off this risque style with a poker face? Check out how to do it!


How to make a puff:

How to make a puff:

Step 01: Start by grabbing a big chunk of hair from just the front hairline, all the way to the crown, creating a 'V’ with your thumbs. Secure with a hair tie

Step 02: Start letting a little bit of hair go from the hair tie by losing the grip and [pulling it behind. Once you have the desired height of the poof, push the section in the front and pin at the back of hair tie.

Step 03: Either cob out the rest of your hair or tie it into a middle length pony. And voila!