Everyone, we know is getting married or preparing to attend a wedding and the most important question that follows right after the word “wedding” is what to wear? And then comes what to do with your hair?

Luckily, a bunch of Bollywood weddings took place in the last few months giving us a major wedding hairstyle inspo. These hairstyles are mostly suitable for all hair lengths too. So ladies, read on as we take you through some amazingly glamorous wedding hairstyles that you can easily flaunt this wedding season. Below are a few wedding hairstyles for all hair lengths, that is super easy to do and will glam up your hairdo in minutes.


Fishtail Braid accessorized with Jasmine flowers

Fishtail Braid accessorized with Jasmine flowers

The best way to flaunt your long length hair is to tie it into a neat fishtail braid, it adds an interesting texture to your hairstyle while not hiding its actual length. This hairstyle is also quite hassle-free and doesn’t require any touch up once you’re all set. To add the wedding touch to your fishtail braid, accessorize with fresh jasmine flowers and voila, you’re ready for the D day!


Accessorized messy bun

Accessorized messy bun wedding hairstyles

If you’re this girl with medium hair length and don’t have the patience to go through long hair styling session, worry not! The messy bun has made itself quite a place in the hairstyling segment. Tie a natural looking messy bun and accessorize with hair pieces that suit your outfit the best or you can always real flowers to add fresh colors to your wedding hairstyle.


Waterfall braid beaut

Waterfall braid beaut wedding hairstyles

Nothing looks dreamier than a one-sided waterfall braid nice rolled up to look wavy, voluminous and bouncy. For an occasion as royal as a wedding, waterfall braid makes up for perfect wedding hairstyle for both bride and the bridesmaids. You can take this hairstyle a notch up by adding streak extensions, just to add that fascinating color shade to the hairdo.


Bridal bun hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles: Bridal bun hairstyle

A hairstyle for any hair length, bridal buns are the classic wedding hairstyle of Indian brides and you can never go wrong with it. If you have a French bob length hair and you’re wondering this isn’t going to be your pick? That’s not true! Bridal bun extensions are easily available and look legit, it can also be attached easily and accessorised with hair ornaments, flowers, hair brooch, etc.


Just simple soft locks

Just simple soft locks wedding hairstyles

The easiest yet the most flaunt-worthy, be it long hair or a medium length hair you can pull this wedding hairstyle off so easily that you’ll be surprised. Just blow dry your hair while combing it with a roll brush and let it open while curling up a couple of soft wavy locks on the top. It adds the extra texture and volume to your hair while making it look effortlessly beautiful.


French twist bun

French twist bun wedding hairstyles

What can be more delightful than a French twist bun? It’s cute, it isn’t time-consuming yet looks like you spent good hours getting that beautiful wedding hairstyle done. It adds the needed drama to your bun while making it look fuller and glamorous. You can add tiny details to your French twist bun with delicate hair ornaments or flowers.


Mermaid braid

Mermaid braid wedding hairstyles

Ariel will agree that this wedding hairstyle can definitely bring some glam high tides and sweep away all the attention towards you. Mermaid braid is hands down one of the prettiest braiding hairstyles with utmost detailing and textures. You can add an extra oomph to this hairstyle with dainty flowers and maybe even a maang tika.


Bohemian braided bun

Bohemian braided bun wedding hairstyles

To all the boho souls who like to add their unique chill vibe to everything they do, Bohemian braided bun is one of the most perfect options. It defines your hair and sets you apart from the basic bridal hairstyle. Add tiny diamonds or pearls to this hairstyle and you’ll have them talking about hairstyle for years.


Elegant updo with rose crown

Elegant updo with rose crown wedding hairstyles

Nothing screams royal than a bunch of white roses, tie your bun up into a classic updo leaving no loose strands behind. And add an elegant setting or white roses in the shape of a crown, trust us this will make you live your Disney princess fantasy. You also choose a shade of light pink roses, just remember to keep this wedding hairstyle subtle yet elegant.


Top Knot with sleek braid

Top Knot with sleek braid wedding hairstyles

This wedding hairstyle is suitable for both long and medium hair length. Tie a neat top knot but leaving the lower section of the hair for a sleek braid. Now pull your sleek braid and pin it under the bun, if you want you can cover up this section with a flower or any hair ornament to hide any shabby pin arrangements or strands. This hairstyle looks elegant and chic at the same time.


Classic Chignog

Classic Chignog wedding hairstyles

Inspired straight from the Greek hairstyle, the classic chignon is a regular updo with a loose bun or rolled up hair resting on the nape of your neck. This can be a classic wedding hairstyle that doesn’t need a lot of accessorising as it has a timeless beauty of its own. It also adds a beautiful texture to your tresses, almost making it look magical.


Dutch braided bun

Dutch braided bun wedding hairstyles

If you have thick and long hair, you’re in luck because this wedding hairstyle is a sure shot hit. It’s beautiful, has heavy textures and it is perfectly suited for your special day. It won’t just look amazing but will also stay intact giving you a relief from all that hairdo mishap. So if you were confused between choosing a braid or a bun for your wedding look, a Dutch braided bun can be a brilliant choice.


Barrel curl buns

Barrel curl buns wedding hairstyles

If you’re into dramatic hairstyles that look edgy and extravagant, barrel curl burns can be your wedding hairstyle. It might be a little time consuming but it will end up making you look like a royalty. You can add delicate details to this hairstyle or just leave it like that in its glory by just adding a maang tika to complete the look.