Love braid styling? These hair care tips are just for you!

Written by Fatema HabibMay 05, 2019

Braids make the most versatile hairstyle ever! They are comfy, chic and complement most outfits—from casuals to formals. Whether you’re on a holiday or simply chilling in the comfort of your home, braids don’t need an occasion.

From red-carpet to runway, braids are becoming one of the most popular ways to wear your hair at the moment. However, the constant braiding can lead to breakage as well as loss of moisture. Precisely why, you need to care for your hair if you love braid styling. Here’s how...

#Tip1 Prep your hair beforehand

A protein mask or a hydrating spray can help nurture your scalp, lock in moisture and prevent breakage. So, before you braid your hair, give it some extra TLC.

#Tip2 Nourish your hair pre-braid

The good old coconut oil is your best bet when it comes nourishing your mane. It not only helps deeply hydrate your mane but also smoothens hair down so it looks healthy and remains tangle-free.

#Tip3 Use a narrow tooth comb to braid

If you love braid styling, then always use narrow tooth combs as they help smooth down the hair, act as a useful separator to section hair and keep static at bay.

#Tip4 Post-braid care

To retain the shine of your hair post braiding, it’s important that you follow an aftercare procedure too. Firstly, ensure that you give your hair some rest from the braids every 3-4 days to prevent breakage and hair loss. Secondly, sleep on a silk pillowcase that helps with locking in moisture and boosting shine.

#Tip5 Keep your scalp clean

While it’s not a great idea to wash your hair too often, it’s important that you keep the scalp clean as any buildup on the scalp can be quite visible with tight braids. Therefore, use a shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner or take to co-washing your hair.

Image courtesy: Pinterest