Easy Hairstyles To Complement Your Easy-Breezy Summer Dresses

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Easy hairstyles to complement your easy-breezy summer dresses

The best part about summer is being able to wear backless, sleeveless and off shoulder floral dresses. However, going with your same old usual hairstyle can be quite boring. With the rising temperatures you will also end up with sweaty necks, you don’t want that right? We’ve found five easy hairstyles that will not only complement your summer dresses but will also keep you cool.


Loose messy braid

High ponytail

Braids are quick, long lasting and keep sweat at bay. When it’s loose and messy it looks perfect when worn on a breezy dress on a hot summer afternoon. Part it at the side, centre or don’t part it at all and look effortlessly pretty!


Messy half bun

High ponytail

Do you love showing off your voluminous hair even when it’s burning hot outside? The messy half bun might just make your life easier. Simply grab a portion of hair from the crown area and tie it into a bun keep the rest open and messy.


Hair scarf ponytail

High ponytail

Add a hair accessory to take your summer game a notch higher. If you’re wearing a plain dress complement it with a printed floral scarf and vice versa.


Half up bobby pin

High ponytail

Talking about hair accessories how can we not mention our good old friend – bobby pins? Barrette stacking is trending in 2019 use this opportunity to create a half up hairstyle and secure with a lot of bobby pins.


High ponytail

High ponytail

No summer hairstyle list is ever complete without the mention of ponytail. A high ponytail looks stunning with every floral dress or top in summer. 

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