The new year brings with it a fresh start of all kinds, right from experimental makeup looks to unique hair cutting styles. If you’ve been delaying a haircut for the longest time, the year 2020 could be the ideal time for you to undergo a major hair transformation. Not just any haircut though, something that’s trendy, stylish and keeps you on top of your fashion game. New hairstyles in 2020 are anything but boring and you’re going to love what some of the top hairstylists have predicted to be the most trending hairstyles this year.

Long bobs, blunt bangs and feathered ends were all the rage in 2019 and topped the list of trending haircuts for girls. But as the year ends and along with it a decade too, you can expect the current hairstyles to undergo a serious shakeup. We’ve shortlisted the top eight haircuts that will dominate 2020. Go ahead, bookmark this page to show your hairstylist exactly what you want when you sit on the chair at the salon.

Excited to find out what 2020 has in store? Let’s begin right away!


1. New Hairstyle in 2020 - Long bobs

Long bobs

You will be noticing sleek, long bobs all throughout the year. Celebrities have already started sporting this 2020 hairstyle and we can’t wait to hop on the bandwagon. Also known as a lob, this hairstyle flatters all face shapes and makes it look slimmer. So if you want to get a hair transformation and give the illusion of a slimmer face this year, you know which haircut to opt for!


2. Side swept bangs

Side swept bangs

Slanted, side-swept bangs give your face a slightly elongated look. This trending haircut for girls will make your cheekbones appear more delicate, cover a big forehead and add volume to your hair. You can rock this haircut with short to medium hair to enhance your best features. This versatile hairstyle is easy to create, trendy, celeb-favorite and low maintenance. If you have fine hair and want to give yourself an edgy look try the side-swept bangs right away!

Whether you like to keep it sleek, messy or curly, you can’t go wrong with this one!


3. Shoulder-grazing curls

Shoulder-grazing curls

Women with curly hair often complain about not having enough options to try, but don’t be disheartened because 2020 haircuts have something in store for everyone.

Medium length haircuts are perfect for girls with curls - it adds bounce and makes the hair look healthy. You can add layers for more volume or get a straight cut that lightly grazes the shoulder. It should be short enough to give off the major volume and long enough to make a style statement.

Now these are the kind of haircuts we love, don’t we?


4. Micro fringe

Micro fringe

Let’s start by admitting that this is not really a new hairstyle for girls. The micro fringe was huge a few years ago and almost every celebrity, right from Emma Watson to Ariana Grande, gave it a try.

While some thought it was disastrous, others found it cute.

The micro fringe haircut is not for the weak-hearted. There's no escaping it for months at least as growing out a fringe takes time. Aspects like the shape of your face, personality should be considered before going chop-chop with this one. If you are confident of pulling it off, you will be an instant hit as it is one of the most trending haircuts for girls in 2020.


5. Bowl bob cut

Bowl bob cut

The bowl bob cut which most of us sported all through our childhood is surprisingly the hottest New Year hairstyle! When done right, this haircut can look flattering on all hair textures and face shapes.

The length of the fringe varies according to the face shape, so ask your hairstylist what length will suit your face or you might end up looking like a grown-up with a child’s haircut.

International celebrities such as Charlize Theron have been sporting this haircut with ease, so there’s certainly no age factor attached to it!


6. Choppy layers

Choppy layers

Hairstyles will come and go but layers will always have a special place in our hearts. Especially if you have long hair, we know how fab layers look on you!

A lot of people consider it to be the boring 90s trend but layers are back and how! They instantly add volume and bounce to otherwise boring, sleek hair. So if you can’t part yourself from the good old layers, here’s a reason to rejoice!

If you are looking for 2020 haircuts for long hair, try choppy layers and you will love how it transforms your hair game.


7. Pixie Trim

Pixie Trim

Pixie cuts may seem like the most experimental hairstyle out there but believe us when we say, once you get a pixie there’s no going back! It’s the most low maintenance, easy going and effortlessly stylish hairstyle ever.

Don’t know about you, but we are glad it’s a part of trending 2020 hairstyles! If you finally decide to go for a major hair transformation this year, we promise you will be in the company of a lot of celebrities who have already selected the Pixie trim as their New Year hairstyle.

There are a lot of pretty pixie cuts out there, involving colours, different lengths and more - pick the one that will suit you!


8. Wet look

Wet look

Yes, we’re aware this is not a haircut but we wanted to give you something more than just hair cutting styles!

The wet look ruled the red carpet, ramps and other major events in 2019. And it is safe to say that the wet look is not going anywhere in 2020. If you’ve fallen in love with this chic and trendy hair look, hold onto it because it’s here to stay and looks flattering on every hair length and texture.

Bookmark this page so you know exactly what you want when you reach the salon.