Pretty Yet Practical Hairstyles For Every Kind Of Workout

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Pretty yet practical hairstyles for every kind of workout

When you are busy concentrating on the Zumba instructor and trying to keep up with the choreography, the last thing you want is stray hair coming loose and sticking to your face and neck. We want you to focus on your fitness, rather than your hair coming loose at the most inconvenient time, and that is why we have rounded up some worthy hairstyles, no matter what your preferred workout.


For yoga

Hairstyle for girls who like lifting weights

Yoga involves a lot of contact with the mat, whether you are doing a head stand or lying down on it. So opt for a sleek low ponytail that is loosely tied. This won’t come in the way of any of your yoga poses.


For Zumba or any other dance based workout

Hairstyle for girls who like lifting weights

When you are concentrating on your moves, you do not want to be bothered with your hair. So make sure you keep your hair out of your eyes by braiding it in milkmaid braids and securing the ends in a low ponytail. Fancy yet free for your hair to move with you!


For kicking butt at kickboxing

Hairstyle for girls who like lifting weights

If you are into boxing or kickboxing, you want a no-nonsense hairstyle that will not budge no matter how hard you punch or kick. Boxer braids are best suited for these high-intensity workouts and believe us, will make you feel more badass!


For nature loving cyclists

Hairstyle for girls who like lifting weights

If you are into cycling and go on cycle tours with family or hobby groups, you will want a hairstyle that will allow you to wear your helmet without messing with your hair. We suggest you wear your hair braided, as this will prevent your hair from getting tangled in the wind.


For girls who like lifting weights

Hairstyle for girls who like lifting weights

Whether you love a good Romanian deadlift or a good plank, you want a hairstyle that is fuss-free and sweat-proof. Opt for a neat top knot that will make sure nothing comes in the way of beating your own plank record.

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