16 Ways In Which A Hairstyle With Bangs Can Turn Your Look Around

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
16 Ways in Which a Hairstyle with Bangs Can Turn Your look Around

Want to kickstart your year with a bang? Get bangs. No really, get the real ones. We are so accustomed and used to flaunting simple hairstyles that we forget to give edgy ones a chance. If you wish to step into that territory, bangs are the way to go. Edgy and youthful, bangs can take years off your face and give it the perfect vibe and energy that your soul needs. Also, it is not that drastic a step towards edgy, but it is definitely a step towards it. Shed the fear and move on. Hairstyle with bangs is here to stay, and for good. So, how do you go on about it? Firstly, by taking your pick from various styles and then picking the hairstyle with bangs that goes best with your face shape and hair texture.

Fret not, we are making it easy for you. Take your pick from the list that we have specially curated for you.


1. Curtain-parted

Bardot bangs

This one brings fresh from the tinsel town of retro glam and gives volume to the bangs. It has an amazing curtain-parted look which gives an effect of you peeking out mysteriously out of your long mane of hair. This one has an old-world charm attached. These bangs are also a little grown so that these can actually be pinned apart to clear out the forehead area if you want. Easy and subtle.


2. Grown shag

Bardot bangs

Go a little shaggy and carefree with this one. Straight from the 60s lookbook, this one has an edgy vintage style attached and is typically amazing when you are going for a sharper and no-nonsense look. It’s a perfect mix of retro and contemporary. Combined with a bob, it will make any day a good hair day.


3. Baby bangs

Bardot bangs

Especially suited for Asian features, these are true to their name, baby bangs. These are uneven in nature to give a fresh and new look and give off a wispy vibe. If you wish to go for something trendy and young, this should be your pick.


4. Wispy fringe

Bardot bangs

If you do not want to tread into the risky zone and want something different yet natural and in sync with your style, go for wispy bangs or wispy fringes. These are super natural and light bangs that do not give a full-out transformation, yet add a delicate aura to your look. It’s a sweet one, to be honest and great for those with thin and fine hair. It adds charm and volume.


5. Long bangs

Bardot bangs

Another one perfect for those who want to change their look, but not drastically so. Long bangs are a blast from the past, majorly from the 80s and the 90s and are still in vogue. Remember Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire? You get the drift. And with the reboot in tow, we will definitely see Lizzie’s signature style coming back in vogue.


6. Classic fringe

Bardot bangs

When it comes to charming the hell out of everyone with your hair, nothing works better than a good old classic fringe. It’s classy and edgy at the same time and is an evergreen hairstyle that has aged well with time and decades. This is mostly an opaque form of hair bangs that casually fall over the eyes, yet do not block visibility, because, well, that is not practical. We mean, look at Dakota Johnson’s stylish fan-fringe. Sigh! Simply delicious.


7. Textured bangs

Bardot bangs

Well, why not? Textured hairstyles are created in perfect sync with your hair to give off that perfectly natural vibe. And we all dig ‘mine, but natural’ looks, don’t we? This one is definitely a perky yet poised hairstyle that you should try. It’s wavy and voluminous.


8. Faux bangs

Bardot bangs

Faux bangs are in. If you do not want to cut your hair to get those brilliant bangs, try this one out to get a sense of how it would look on you. Use styling products to add a dramatic side swoop to your hairstyle and you can fake those bangs. These work well with high buns and top knots. Try it, style it, and then go for the actual ones.


9. Curls and fringes

Bardot bangs

And a lot of binges. Who said bangs are only for straight hair? Curls and fringes go just well together, and maybe add an eccentricity to the hairstyle as well as your personality. You can even try twisting and curling your wavy hair and then getting these bangs. Either way, it’s pure gorgeousness.


10. Messy fringe

Bardot bangs

A mess in the tresses always perks up the entire look. It gives you just the right quirk, yet in a controlled manner. Messy fringes are a perfect take on shaggy bangs. These look natural and sync in well with any hairstyle that you wish to flaunt. Though we are slightly partial towards short haircuts because you can leave it open.


11. Side-part bang bob

Bardot bangs

This is a swift take on the blunt bob. Here, your bang is cut in a side fringe style that you can maintain with a side parting whenever you step out. Cool and catchy, this one looks extremely pretty.


12. Short bangs

Bardot bangs

Okay, a quick tip. This one is perfect for those with a narrow forehead but a no-no for those with a large forehead as it becomes extremely tricky to carry. These are simple and opaque bangs that end much before your eyebrows and just a little length below your hairline to a pixie-like look. These are not much different from baby bangs. Take a cue from Emma Watson here.


13. Topknot with bangs

Bardot bangs

This is a brilliant hairstyle if you wish to create immense volume on your crown and hide your forehead, at the same time giving an illusion of a longer and more defined and elongated face. It draws attention to your eyes and gives a sophisticated yet edgy look, overall. Just a tip, end your fringe just above your eyes. Whether you wish to go for blunt and opaque bangs or wispy fringes, that’s up to you.


14. Bangs with a spiky style

Bardot bangs

The best way to flaunt bangs is with short hair. And when you add spikes to the equation, the edge just rocks up the notches. Just add on some hair product to lift up and hold the texture and you are done.


15. Choppy bangs

Bardot bangs

These are basically jagged bangs that have slightly uneven edges and end just above the brow bone. Flaunt it with a bob. It looks the best and adds much-needed volume to your hair, especially if you have a fine texture.


16. Bardot bangs

Bardot bangs

Well, it derives its name from Bridget Bardot and rightly so. These are centre-parted bangs that add a classic look to your entire persona. This is good with long layers towards the front of your hair that you can style and then twist the rest of the hair up into a knot. It’s elegant and edgy at the same time. Try it.

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