6 heatless hairstyles that will make you kiss hot tools goodbye for good

Written by Team BBDec 06, 2021

Without a doubt, this season is jam-packed with events! With so many weddings lined up and Christmas and NYE just around the corner, we girls have a lot of hairstyling to do. But subjecting your hair to heat styling tools regularly isn’t such a good idea. It damages the hair and not to mention the patience it requires, which we *ahem* are out of these days. So what’s a girl to do? Switch to heatless hairstyles that’s what! Scroll down for a list of six heatless hairstyles to turn up the heat this season.

01. Embellished low bun

Image Courtesy: @thelovelyhairclass


We all love buns and in fact, every hairstyle eventually ends up in a bun by the end of the day. Am I right, ladies? Just tie your hair in a low bun, and place some sparkly crystals or pearls on one side of the parting. So chic and elegant.

02. Milkmaid braid

Image Courtesy: @AllThingsHair

This heatless hairstyle stirs up the right kind of vintage feel! Milkmaid braid embraces elegance and femininity and looks good on every hair type. It is a perfect hairdo for haldi or mehndi functions when you want the hair out of your face but still want to look cute!

03. Bubble braid

Image Courtesy: @VSCO

Bubble braids are so fun and fresh. They add a whole new twist to a normal braid and literally take two minutes to create. Perfect for a mehndi event or just a cute brunch with your girlfriends.

04. Sock curls

Image Courtesy: Sara Carrolli

This trend took the internet over like a storm! All you have to do is wrap your semi-dry hair over a sock vertically and leave it on for the night. Voila! It's perfect to increase volume and add texture to hair.

05. Glam high ponytail

Image Courtesy: Who What Wear 


Seems like we can never get enough of the classic Ariana Grande or Bella Hadid ponytail. It is the ultimate ponytail for the days you want to look fab without taking much effort. It's classy and defines the face like nothing else — we love it!

06. Half braid

Image Courtesy: Uplifting Mayhem

This half braid is a cool update to your regular braids. If you have straight hair, make sure you curl your hair using any heatless curl method to add texture and volume to your braid.

Main image courtesy: @shanayakapoor