Okay, we admit. We are never getting over bun hairstyles. Well, we can’t really help it.  Every time we try to move on to some other simpler hairstyle to wrap our hair in, a new, absolutely gorgeous bun hairdo resurfaces, making us drool over it (and urging us to run and grab our hair supplies to get the look).

One such bun hairstyle that’s making the waves in the beauty world is the ruffled bun. Yes, it’s a new version of your messy bun that’s layered and textured at the back and neat at the front. In short, it strikes a perfect balance between chic and casual.

Now, layered hairstyles like these take serious hairstyling skills, hair products and time. But this one is pretty easy and will take only ten minutes of your time, we promise. All you have to do is make a bun and tug the strands to make it look ruffled and tousled. Take a look at the detailed tutorial on how to get the effortless and chic ruffled bun in easy steps.

how to get ruffled bun in easy steps

How to:

Step 1: Start with clean and washed hair. Apply some hair mousse and blow-dry to add bounce and volume to your mane.

Step 2: Brush your hair back and make a ponytail for yourself where you want the bun to sit. Secure it with a clear hair tie.

Step 3: Next, twist your ponytail and wrap it in a bun around your hair tie. Instead of securing it with another hair tie, use bobby pins.    

Step 4: Now that you have a loosely secured coiled bun, gently start tugging and pulling the hair strands just enough to make ruffles in your bun. Make it as tousled and fuller as you want with the ruffles.

Step 5: Once you are happy with the texture of your bun, add a hair tie to secure and spritz hairspray.

Step 6: Tame any flyaways on the front and you’re all set to rock the ruffled bun hairdo.

Image courtesy: Instagram