Hop And Hair—Simple Hairstyles For Party To Ace This Weekend

Written by Karan DalviSep 16, 2023
Hop and Hair—Simple hairstyles for party to ace this weekend

The weekend is here and you probably want to let out all the frustration and fatigue you’ve built up working long hours at your job. So you make a plan to meet your friends and colleagues to go out and paint the town red. You’ve already gotten everything planned out; your dress, your shoes, your makeup, accessories and are brimming with an immense amount of unbridled excitement in the air? All that is left is for you to take care of is to ace simple hairstyles for party, so you can hop into your pumpkin carriage and attend that party being thrown at the other end of the square.

Side-swept and wavy

Getting the hairstyle right for a night out with your girl gang is no easy-peasy task though. Your hairstyle is quite the crucial component of your overall appearance and an ill-suited or bothersome one can just as well ruin your entire night. After all the hard work you’ve put over the week, having a boring or routine hair day just doesn’t work for the party princess in you. Fret not though, ladies! For our team at BeBeautiful has curated a list of the trendiest yet simple hairstyles for girls for the party to rock on the weekend so you can turn enough heads in your direction with your gorgeous locks throughout the night.


Dangerously slicked back

Side-swept and wavy

The slicked back hairstyle is perhaps the quickest yet simplest hairstyle for party, amongst all mentioned in this list. The dangerously slicked back look works best with long and medium length straight hair, but that doesn’t mean women with other hair types and length cannot work this style either. All you need to do is to use a texture spray on your hair (or you could use copious amounts of gel or hair cream) before you blow dry it, especially near the crown so as to ensure volume up top. Blow-dry the sides smooth and pin them up using clips. Once the pins are in place, you can further straighten sections of your hair using hair serum or oil. Finally, smoothen the top using a fine-toothed comb and you’re ready to party with your drop-dead gorgeous look. You can always pair the hairstyle with smoky eyes so as to up the dangerous quotient to another level.


The high and bouncy ponytail

Side-swept and wavy

You can’t really go wrong with a ponytail for your night out. All you need to ensure that there’s enough bounce for fun and that it stays there through the night. No long periods of braiding or knotting up your hair. A scrunchie or a hair tie (or a couple of them) and some hair spray will do the trick for you. For getting just the right amount of bounce that will stay, you can roll a curling iron beneath your hair. Once you’ve curled your hair to add the extra bounce and tied it up high on your crown, use a flexible hold spray (preferably on the hair brush and not directly on your hair) to ensure that the high bouncy ponytail hairstyles stay firmly in place all throughout. And there you have it, the perfect hairstyle for party on the weekend!


The messy top bun

Side-swept and wavy

Women don’t really need their hair falling onto their face all the time when they’re shaking a leg at a party and one of the easiest ways to get your hair out of your face is by tying it up into a bun. To get the perfectly puffy messy top bun, you basically start out by grabbing your hair together into a ponytail and holding it in the place where you want your bun to be. Twist the hair around the base of your ponytail and wrap it around below the bun, securing it in place with bobby pins. In the final step, go out and dance like there’s nobody watching!


Boho and braided

Side-swept and wavy

Nothing quite says ‘Girl Next Door’ as this soft and dreamy hairdo, which is also the perfect way to mask the party freak in you if you’re looking to keep the night a bit more private and a little low-key. Part your wavy hair a bit off-centre and let those lovely locks loose over your shoulders. To notch up the fun element up a little, you can always braid a section of your hair at the front and wrap it around your head like it’s your personal tiara. A cool and convenient look; this hairdo will only help bring out the fun, relaxed Bohemian Belle in you.


The messy side fishtail

Side-swept and wavy

Fishtail braids are fun and they make a perfect hairstyle for a party! They’re really cool to look at and have a certain funky element to them while being extremely convenient to wear as well. To make the braid made famous by the Frozen Princess Elsa and by Suzanne Collins as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games trilogy, divide your hair into two equal sections. Then take half-inch strands from each section, one by one, and keep adding them to the opposite section, tucking them beneath, and tightening them in a crisscross manner. After you’ve secured the tail end with a hair tie, you can tug at the sections of the braid game across its length to give it a tousled look of sorts and bring it over your shoulder to one side. The messier it gets, the more party-ready it looks too!


Side-swept and wavy

Side-swept and wavy

This one is a no-hassles hairdo. Just part your wavy hair (you can always create beachy waves with a curling iron if you’ve got straight hair) deep to one side and use a blow dryer and some hair spray to fix it in place. It always helps to gather the under part of your hair and tie it into a ponytail as well. For an even livelier look and an extra bit of panache, you can even introduce soft curls to the lower part of your hair and leave them in dramatic fashion over your face, covering it partially. You’re now ready to go out and conquer the party floor with your mates!

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