Easy Ways To Add More Texture To Your Bob

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Easy ways to add more texture to your bob

Bob haircuts are a summer favourite. Not only do they look super flattering but also do us a huge favour by keeping the hair away from our neck during warm days.

But you know what’s better? A textured, messy-looking bob. A uni-length bob haircut can get a little boring, but add some texture to the same haircut and you’ve got yourself a celebrity-esque bob right there. Here are several ways you can add texture to your bob.


Use a texturizing spray

Curl in different directions

After washing your hair and before styling it, don’t forget to add a little bit of the https://www.amazon.in/Toni-Guy-Casual-Texturising-Spray/dp/B006L6A9NKto the roots. This will give your hair oodles of volume along with a super casual and beachy texture.


Spray some dry shampoo

Curl in different directions

From zapping away all the excess oil to adding texture, dry shampoo is one hair product that does it all. Every girl needs a bottle of trusty dry shampoo on her beauty shelf. To give your hair some texture using dry shampoo, all you need to do is flip your hair and spray a generous amount of the TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo to the roots and let it soak into your scalp naturally (no rubbing it in). This trick will give your hair instant volume and is perfect for fine and thin hair.


Keep hairstyling to a minimum

Curl in different directions

The best part about adding some texture to your bob is that it requires very little to no heat styling, depending on your natural hair texture. Therefore, after washing your hair, allow it to completely air dry, as this will help enhance your natural texture and prevent your bob from looking flat. If you must style or blow-dry your hair, ensure that you restrict it to your bangs and hairline and completely leave out the ends for an effortless vibe.


Curl in different directions

Curl in different directions

Curl your hair in different directions (inwards and outwards) for a textured appearance. Additionally, another trick that pros swear by when it comes to styling a bob is to layer a few different types of curls. This will give your bob a fuller and more textured appearance.

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