All this time, you were dissing, taming and cursing your frizzy hair, while you could have been making the most out of it and flaunting it with aplomb. We know unruly and unkempt hair has its way of making you feel untidy but as it turns out, you can glam it up by wrapping it in a gorgeous hairstyle. Basically, turn your weakness into a strength.

Cotton candy bun is one hairstyle that you should definitely try if you have frizzy hair. Since you are already blessed with naturally frizzy mane, you can get this look with minimum effort (yay). Read on to know the step-by-step tutorial on how to get a cotton candy bun.   


How to:

How to:

Step 01: Start with washed and completely dry hair. Apply some hair mousse evenly to the lengths of your hair and blow-dry to add volume and bounce.

Step 02: Brush your hair back into a high ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie at the crown.

Step 03: Here’s the fun part. Spray some texturizing hairspray on your ponytail and backcomb the hair using a teasing comb. Work in smaller sections until you get a poufy and fuzzy ponytail.      

Step 04: Now that you have a teased ponytail that kinda looks like cotton candy, smoothen it out gently with your hands, twist it loosely and wrap it around the hair tie in a fluffy bun.

Step 05: You should get a fuzzy bun at this point. Use some bobby pins to secure it.

Step 06: Spritz some hairspray on your comb and brush your hair to tame flyaways. Then go ahead and add a mist of hairspray to the hairdo to make it stay put. And, you are done.

Image courtesy: Instagram