A ponytail is the most versatile hairstyle to have existed. It is our go-to look for almost every occasion and can be styled in umpteen ways. Turns out, we’re not the only die-hard fans of the ponytail; celebrities love it just as much.

Over the past few years, we’ve spotted pretty much every celebrity sporting a ponytail teamed with their most glamorous outfits on the red carpet as if it’s NBD. The only difference in our regular ponytail and that of celebrities is that theirs look sleek, has no flyaways, and stays in place till the very end of the red-carpet event. So how do you make sure yours stays put and looks just as glamorous? Follow the steps below.


How to

How to

Step 01: Start by removing tangles and knots completely from your hair. For best results, straighten your hair using a hair straightener

Step 02: Part your hair at the centre and apply a styling gel, preferably one that also offers hold such as the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Styling. It tames flyaways and creates a smooth, silky finish while ensuring your hair stays put

Step 03: Now, gather all your hair at the back either at the nape or back of your head (depending on how high or low you wish to wear the ponytail)

Step 04: Secure with two small hair ties for a tight and sleek look. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base to hide the hair ties

Step 05: Lastly, spritz some Tigi Bed Head Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray to lock the hairdo in place and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a red-carpet-worthy ponytail.