We have literally lost count of how many hair trends have made a comeback in the last couple of years. From bouffant to finger waves to bob haircuts, these retro hair looks have managed to time travel from the past and make their way to the present.

One such hairstyle that was huge in the 60s (and then in the 90s) is the flip hairstyle. This fun and flirty hairdo has made a huge comeback this year and has already become a celebrity favourite and we are going to tell you exactly how you can get it.

pop hairstyle 60s 90s flip hair

Often teamed with a high ponytail or a neat parting, we have spotted this hairstyle on a bunch of celebrities. Taking inspiration from these gorgeous looks, here is how you can recreate this retro chic hairstyle.


How to:

How to:

Step 01: Wash your hair and straighten it. Apply a dollop of styling cream to tame the frizz and flyaway, if need be.

Step 02: Now, divide your hair in two sections. Make a high ponytail with the upper section of your hair. Secure with a clear hair tie and wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie. You can also leave your hair open with a middle or side parting, if a ponytail is not your thing.

Step 03: Now, take one small section and with the help of a round bristle hairbrush, twist and flip the ends outwards. Blow dry the section twisted in the brush to lock the flick.

Step 04: Work in sections and do the same for the rest of your hair. Flip only two to three inches of your hair from the end.

BB pro tip: Alternately, you can also use your straightener in the place of hairbrush and blow dryer. While straightening your hair, simply turn the ends outwards to get the flipped ends.

Step 05: Once you are done flipping the ends of your entire mane, finish the look by spraying some hairspray and taming the flyaway for a sleek look.

Image courtesy: Instagram