A girl can give up on her relationships but not on her ponytail. And, thanks to the ebb and flow of hair trends, we can never run out of styles to jazz up our boring ponytail. Be it a bubble ponytail or a knotted one, we are a sucker for trying out a chic ponytail style.

Another cool and quirky version of the ponytail has surfaced in the beauty scene. It is sleek from the front and unfolds drama at the back. For when you feel like doing something really cool with your hair, try this look. How? With these easy steps of course.


How to:

How to:

Step 01: Take a dime-size amount of styling cream on your palm and apply it along the lengths of your hair, evenly. Brush your hair back away from the forehead for a sleek and neat look.

Step 02: Pull your hair into a mid-high ponytail and add a hair tie. Take your hair through the hair tie twice and on the third time, leave it halfway making a loop.

Step 03: Pull the loop slightly further until you get the desired look.

Step 04: Take a small wisp from the base of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. You can also tie a black thread or string around the hair tie for an added fun detail. 

Step 05: Finish the look with some hairspray to keep it from dropping and make it stay put.

Image courtesy: Instagram