What Are #Instawaves And How To Get It Right In 3 Simple Steps

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
What are #InstaWaves and how to get it right in 3 simple steps

When it comes to creating wavy hairstyles, the techniques often outshine the products used. Yes, once you have prepped your hair according to the finish and hold you want, you can showcase your skills with a curling wand and create several chic hairdos. One of the new and trendy, technique-driven hairstyles you have to try is ‘Instagram Waves’, and we have got the 3-step tutorial right here!

Before we begin, let’s lay down the basics. #InstaWaves are beachy and layered waves that have a bent quality to their ends. They can also be compared with California waves, which are more open, casual and voluminous, but still make for a great selfie moment. Instagram waves can be created on both long and short hair, with well-defined sections that are glossy and smooth.


How to:

How to:

Step 01: This hairstyle works best on freshly washed hair. Work in some Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. Air-dry your mane and apply the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray to prep for the heat styling in step next.

Step 02: Section your hair into 3-4 cm wide tendrils and practice the wrap-and slide method with cold iron. Once you get the hang of it, do it with a hot iron, wrapping and sliding 2-3 times starting from top till all of the section is wrapped. Once that is done, point the wand towards your head and release the section while twisting it from the clip. With the last couple of cms still secure on the iron, slide the iron over the edge to get that bent end look. Using the same technique, do this for the rest of your hair, twisting your hair away from the base to get the volume.

Step 03: Once you have added the waves to all of your hair, use your fingers to release the waves so that they fall all over in a messy way. Finish the look by scrunching some TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Leave In Conditioner at the ends for definition. Use the TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day hair spray for some light hold and lots of volume.

To zhush up your mane throughout the day, use your fingers and lightly run them at the roots. Avoid the temptation to pull the back of your hair to the front and let your tresses naturally fall in their original pattern.

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