When it comes to makeup, red lipstick or a winged eyeliner are classics that never ever go out of style. In the same way, when it comes to hair, a chignon bun is one hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. This super versatile hairstyle can be rocked anywhere.

However, being major fans of messy updos, we honestly feel that a messy chignon bun would look absolutely sexy. The best part? It’s extremely easy to recreate too. Here’s a step by step guide to help you ace the messy chignon bun…


How to make a messy chignon bun:

How to make a messy chignon bun:

Step 01: Start by spraying a generous amount of dry shampoo or a texturizing spray throughout the length of your hair. This will give you strands better hold

Step 02: Next, tease your hair at the crown using a hairbrush and some dry shampoo.

Step 03: Pull all your hair back in a low ponytail and tie it together with an elastic hair tie

Step 04: Twist the pony into a bun and secure with bobby pins

Step 05: Pull out a few random pieces from the bun and tug at the crown to give it a sexy, messy appearance.