Bangs work for every hair type and have the power to completely transform your appearance; it adds structure and style to any boring look. However, once you get to that awkward stage where the bangs start poking your eyes, you immediately consider trimming them again, albeit on your own. But wait, before you reach for that pair of scissors and do something terrible to your bangs that you might regret later, hear us out.

We’re about to show you not one, but five easy ways to keep your bangs away from your face. Excited? Let’s begin…


01. Dutch crown braid

Dutch crown braid

Got a lob with bangs for summer? Here’s an easy way to keep your bangs away from your face and eyes. Start by braiding a Dutch braid right where your hairline starts and go all the way to the back of your head. Depending on the length of the hair, make a single braid at the centre or two on each side and secure at the back with a hair tie.


02. Clip at the back

Clip at the back

This is probably the easiest and trendiest way to style those bangs. Backcomb your bangs and spritz some Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Smooth Hold Level 2 Hair Spray to prevent it from falling on your face. Secure with bobby pins or a hair clip to keep them in place all day.


03. Tie into a half knot

Tie into a half knot

Miss throwing your hair up into those half up half down hairstyles? You still can. Grab your fringe along with a good chunk of hair from the crown area. Twist it all together and secure into a bun. Place it on the crown area and secure with bobby pins.


04. Pin at the side

Pin at the side

Put those hair clips you’ve been hoarding to good use. Part your bangs at the side and pin them together, or part at the centre, twist each side and pin. Requires minimum effort and looks fabulous.


05. Hide ‘em

Hide ‘em

Whether you can’t stand it anymore or wish you could get rid of those bangs for a few days, this trick will definitely help. Tie your hair back into a sleek bun and use a scarf or bandana as a headband to cover your bangs completely! It’s like they don’t even exist *wink*.

Image courtesy: Instagram