Let’s admit it! If we had to choose between voluminous and sleek hairdos, our first pick would obviously be big hair, no care. Voluminous hair speaks glamour, whereas, a sleek hairstyle may look understated. Plus, they can make your face look smaller. But on the other hand, sleek hairstyles can look super classy and elegant. And Deepika Padukone is proof of that! If you’ve noticed her hair game closely, you’ll know that most of her hairstyles are ultra-sleek and minimal yet manage to stand out! So, hang in there before you say a straight no to sleek hairdos.

We discovered one such sleek bun-style that can work well with your traditional outfits, just apt for the upcoming wedding season. We’re talking about the coiled bun. If you want to upgrade your simple, sleek bun, we suggest you try your hands at a coiled bun. This step-by-step tutorial might help:

step by step guide to coiled bun

Step 1: Start by detangling your hair by running a wide-tooth comb through it

Step 2: To create a sleek bun, work the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Styling cream for pliable texture and hold. This will also help separate and smoothen flyaways

Step 3: If you want a centre-parted bun, then part your hair down the middle or simply comb back your hair for the next step

Step 4: Wrap your hair into a low ponytail. Place the ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure it tightly with a hair tie.

Step 5: Now, create multiple sections of your ponytail, and tightly twist each section one by one until they coil in on themselves. These coils should then look like mini buns.

Step 6: Pin each bin against your scalp to secure them in place

Step 7: Finish off with a hair spray to hold the hairstyle together

Image courtesy: Instagram