When it comes to summer hairstyles, braids and ponytails are our absolute favourites. They not only keep the hair out of our face and neck but also look extremely chic and stylish. But you know what’s better? A combination of the two. Enter: the half-braided ponytail. This dope hairstyle includes braiding only the top section of your hair (until your neck) and securing the remaining hair into a ponytail. Awesome, right?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that’ll help you ace the half-braided ponytail in a few easy steps.


How to :

How to :

Step 01: Start by giving your hair a slight side-parting

Step 02: From the front of your head (near the hairline) take a small section and divide into three sections to make your usual braid

Step 03: Hold the braid in place and repeat the same step again. Keep adding more chunks of as you go down

Step 04: Stop braiding your hair once you reach the nape of your neck and secure the braid in place using a transparent hair elastic. Leave the rest of your hair loose and that forms your ponytail

Step 05: Take a small section of hair from the under-side and wrap it around the elastic to completely conceal it. You can use a cute scarf or hairpins to give it a cutesy, summer-appropriate look

Step 06: Lightly curl the remaining part of your hair to give it some extra texture and movement.

Voila! Your super cute and summery, half-braided ponytail is ready.