As much as we all love styling our hair in a chic braid or cute bun (after all, they instantly amp up your hair game), the reality is that we don’t always find the time and energy to do so every single day. Also, sometimes you are just not skilled at braid-styling, so there’s no motivation either. Let’s admit it! Even a simple twisted hairdo will require you to spare 10 to 15 minutes. So, as boring as it may sound, we just end up wearing our hair down on most days. It’s the simplest thing to do, isn’t it?

While you are addicted to wearing your hair down, why not add some extra oomph while you’re at it? Yes, there are zillion ways to make it look glamorous too. The easiest way is to use heat-styling tools. Simply grab your curling iron and create some soft waves for added effect. Or, there’s another trick which can take your hair game to the next level. And you’ll be happy to know that this little trick is celebrity-approved. In fact, it’s a red-carpet favourite! We’re talking about side-swept hair.

Side-swept hairstyles are anything but basic. They complement gowns, lehengas and even your backless outfits. But, we know what you’re thinking! Side-swept hair can be difficult to manage in real life. In fact, the biggest question is ‘Will my side-swept hair remain on the side till the end of the evening?’ What if we tell you that here’s a hack to help you anchor your side-swept hairdo?

The hack

A small braid can help your side-swept hair remain in place all day. Yes, if you want your hair to stay over one shoulder or remain tucked behind your ear, then all you need to do is create a small braid on that side. It’ll guide your hair in the direction you want your hair to go and keep it locked. So, you don’t have to worry about your side-swept hair going all over the place.

Image courtesy: Instagram