All of us have had those days when we’ve contemplated chopping off our boring long hair for a trendy, short haircut. And, if you do go ahead and take the plunge, we all know how that’s gonna end up — in regret, that’s how!

But guess what, you don’t have to be Hannah Montana to get the best of both worlds. We’re going show you how to rock a faux bob without chopping your lovely length. Excited? Scroll down to learn how it’s done.

Pssst… it only takes six easy steps to master this look.

how to recreate a faux bob

Image courtesy: @mehaksukh

Step 01: Start with enhancing your hair’s natural texture by spraying a generous amount of the Toni & Guy Hair Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and scrunch your tresses.

Step 02: Next, roughly divide your hair into two sections and tie them into two loose pigtails. Place the hair elastic at the length where you want your bob to end.

Step 03: Next, loop the length of one of the pigtails through the underside and secure it in place with a few bobby pins.

Step 04: Next, take a bigger bobby pin and from the underside, insert the bobby pin vertically in such a way that it locks the other pins in place.

Step 05: Repeat steps 03 and 04 on the other side as well. Remember that a little uneven texture, only adds to the messy appeal.

Main image courtesy: @studioelan and @thestylist.jamie