It's back—the tiny bouffant every girl was wearing at the front of her head back in the 2000s. One that is reminiscent of our school days when everyone transitioned from twisting their oiled-up tendrils into braids to complementing their ponytails with the pouffe. It was just so chic back then—what with the likes of Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears fashioning their ensembles with the puffed-up hairdo. Now that we're witnessing a resurgence of decade-favourite staples—from bedazzling our lids with a shade of purple to bedecking our tresses with butterfly clips—it's time to revive yet another forgotten trend. 

I'm not sure how I feel about resurrecting this one. And I'm not alone in my uncertainty. But I do remember struggling to ace the trend like the rest of the girls at school, and that's why we're showing you just how to recreate this pouffe hairstyle effortlessly. 


How do you recreate the pouffe hairstyle?

How do you recreate the pouffe hairstyle?

This one's versatile because it adapts to different styles. Want to pull your hair back into a ponytail? Sure. Or pair the 'do with a half-up half-down style? Go for it! 

Grab a triangular section of your hair at the front—in line with your eyebrows— 

and clip it away for a second if you're pulling all of your hair back into a ponytail. Ensure the sides of your ponytail are slicked down with a gel. 

Unclip the section once you've tied your hair, and spritz the roots with a texturising hairspray like the TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Texture Hold Spray.

Go on to tease the back of the pouffe with a teasing brush, and work your way toward the front in the process. If your hair is already textured, you can just push the pouffe from the back to create a height and shape you like. 

When you've teased the entire section at the root, flip the section back and apply more gel. Brush the hair around your face for a polished look with a boar-bristle brush. The first section will cover the teased hair at the bottom. Attach the pouffe to the ponytail, and secure it with a few pins. You can clip it down with bobby pins or dial up the fancy colourful hair clips of your liking. If you're not wearing a ponytail, skip this part. 

Image Courtesy: @cosmopolitan