How to rock a bun with short hair ft. celebrities

Written by Anjali AgarwalOct 18, 2019

Short hair is cute and all, but when it comes to styling it, you sometimes wish you hadn’t chopped off your long locks. There’s only so much you can do with your 12-inch mane—tie it in a half ponytail or half up-half-down, accessorise with headbands or pins or simply let it loose. You don’t even dare to think about classic hairstyles like a bun because, what’s the point, right? It won’t be full and fluffy, and it would just look tiny, and well, bad.

You couldn’t be more wrong on this! You can totally rock a bun and our Bollywood beauties can vouch for that. Take inspiration from these celebrities who have short hair but still rocked bun hairstyles like it’s no biggie.

Prachi Desai’s chignon bun

Prachi’s Instagram page is basically a hair tutorial for short-haired women. She has styled her bob in a zillion ways and never disappointed. She wore her hair in a low chignon and adorned it with tiny floral pins. Don’t miss that tiny braided strand though.   

Anushka’s flyway bun

Anushka Sharma has been sporting an adorably stunning lob these days. For an event, she wrapped her hair in a mid-raise bun and teamed it with a saree. She left some flyways from the crown loose to add some definition to her fine hair and chicness to her look.  

Sanya Malhotra’s top knot

We didn’t know how gorgeous a curly bob (or cob) looks tied up until Sanya Malhotra dropped this look with a messy top knot. Girls with curls, take notes! Pull your naturally thick waves into a high bun and secure at the crown. 

Priyanka Chopra’s baby bun

Priyanka recently chopped off her long tresses for a shoulder-length mane and we totally love it. What we loved more was the adorably tiny baby bun she sported at the Toronto International Film Festival while promoting her upcoming movie The Sky is Pink.

Kriti Kulhari’s relaxed low bun

Mission Mangal star Kriti Kulhari has a straight, short crop and a bun seems to be her go-to look. Of all the buns she has rocked of late, we particularly loved this relaxed bun with loose waves in the front. Gorgeous, isn’t it?  

Image courtesy: Instagram and Pinterest