5 edgy ways to style box braids

Written by Fatema HabibOct 17, 2019

Bored of top-knots and sky-high ponytails? Well, the good news is that their is a new hairstyle in town that will instantly upgrade your regular hair game. We are talking about—box braids!

Box braids are the perfect hairstyle that not only protect your hair but also add oomph to your look. You can also amp up your box braids with colourful threads, beads and metallic accents to give it a modern touch. Here are 5 dope ways to style box braids...

Half bun or hun

Huns have been around for a while now, but have you ever tried a box braid half bun? This intricate hairstyle can instantly add an edge to your look and transform your hair game. To ace this hairdo, just take sections of your hair at regular intervals and braid them to create tiny braids all over your hair. Then do a half-up and wrap the section to create a half bun.

Double braids

Braid-styling can never go out of style! While the regular double braids can look a tad old-school, here’s a chic way to upgrade your look without parting ways with your double braids. Switch up your game with box double braids just like slay queen RiRi has done it.


Buns make for the comfiest, most fuss-free hairdos, hands down! However, there is a hair bun for every occasion. From messy buns to sleek buns and low buns to donut buns; what makes the classic, versatile bun an instant hit is that it does not require much time or effort. The box braid bun however may take some extra effort, but it is truly worth it!

Bantu knots

Another unconventional way of styling box braid is by wearing it in bantu knots. This runway-hit hairstyle is not your everyday look but can certainly help you make a drop-dead statement.

High ponytail

Ponytails make for the most versatile hairstyle. While there are several ponytail editions that can keep your hair game going strong, this box braid high ponytail is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. To style your hair in a box braid ponytail, start by creating tiny braids at regular intervals all over and then wrap all your hair into a high ponytail. Simple!

Image courtesy: Pinterest & Instagram