Waist-length hair is so yesterday! If you have had medium length hair for a while now, it is time to break free from the hair rut this summer. While pixie cut can be too daring for some and long locks annoyingly unmanageable, long bob haircuts can be your perfect savior in summers. Long bob or lob, as they call it has a little more length than bob haircuts, which usually ends along your jawline, and is shorter than the medium hair length that ends on your waist. Shoulder length hair looks stunning, stylish and incredibly chic and can help you break your mane monotony.

If you think lob can be boring as you’d have to wear it the same damn way each time wear it loose, that is, we’d like to disagree. Wait! Is that what is keeping you from getting the lob? Then, you’re in luck. We have rounded up not one but seven ah-mazing long bob hairstyles that you can rock this summer.

Read on as we list out the best long bob hairstyles donned by our favourite celebs who have in the past or still a sport lob...


1. The wet hair look

The wet hair look long bob hairstyles

The ‘out of shower’ look has already become a celebrity favourite with A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra sporting it for red carpet events. But if you thought it is something only beauties with long locks can pull off, here is a look Selena decided to the sport, that says otherwise. It looks equally ravishing on lob as it does on long hair and is easy to work too.

To get this look, apply a generous amount of hair gel or styling mousse between the strands of your hair for a neat and sleek look. Next, create a side parting and brush your hair nicely. Tuck one side behind the ears and let the other side be wild and fluffy. The best thing about this? You don’t have to worry about it coming undone or being messed up during the day.


2. Half up half down

Half up half down long bob hairstyles

It’s almost unbelievable how a half up half down hairstyle works for any hair length and hair type. When your long bob is in question, there can’t be an easier hairdo than a half up half down that looks pretty elegant and is insanely easy too. Whether you got straight hair like Kendall here or have waves, it will look gorgeous, believe us.

Acing this classic long bob hairstyle is no rocket science; you must have figured out by the picture itself (like we said, insanely easy). Still, for those who are newbies at hairstyling or have lived with a short bob that has now grown into a lob, here’s what you can do. Create a centre parting and leaving 2 inches of your hair from the front (for the flirty flicks) and pull the upper sections of both sides to the back of the head. Pin it with bobby pins and it’s done.


3. Baby bun with hair accessories

Baby bun with hair accessories

Buns don’t have to be all bulky and big and here’s proof! An adorable yet classy baby bun is a perfect long bob hairstyle. While it’s tough to make a decent bun in shorter hair and long hair needs a lot of tucking in and real skills, your lob gives you the perfect opportunity to rock a cute baby bun. You can try this hairstyle for a glitzy event and adorn it with some studded hairpins to add some glam.

You can get this hairstyle by teasing your hair from the front to create some volume. Spritz hairspray and backcomb to tease the hair. Without brushing your hair, wrap your hair in a mid-high bun and secure it with bobby pins. Now lightly comb the teased hair back and spray hairspray to keep it in place. Tame the flyaways on the side with a clean toothbrush. Lastly, throw in a pretty barrette or pearl clips to finish the look.


4. Side swept waves

Side swept waves long bob hairstyles

Lazy girls, rejoice. We know spending too much time on your hair and wrapping it into buns or weaving them into braids isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that is why we got something totally low maintenance yet gorgeous for you. Side swept hair in soft waves is a classy long bob hairstyle that you can literally do in less than 10 minutes and manage to look Mila-Kunis-hot! Okay, no one’s that hot (forever girl crush), but you get the point.

To get this easy-peezy look, start by brushing your hair and create a side parting. Style your hair in soft curls and leave about 1 inch of the hair tips for the blunt ends. If you happen to have wavy hair, you can skip the curling part and just straighten the ends. Spray Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray on your hair for shiny hair and keep the curls from coming undone.


5. Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail long bob hairstyles

On the days you don’t feel like styling or don’t have the time to whip out your curling irons, gather your hair in a messy and effortless ponytail. It looks super chic on long bob hair and takes up like 5 minutes of your time. This ‘straight outta bed’ look is perfect for a day out with your girls or a movie date. Plus, it is a sneaky way to hide your oily or frizzy tresses (shhh!).

Brush your hair lightly with a wide-toothed comb, just enough to gather it back. Pull your hair in a ponytail, leaving a few strands from the front side. Don’t worry too much about keeping everything in place, just do it with a free hand and add an elastic band to secure. Push your hair from the crown against the band to create a puff. And voila! Effortless, wasn’t it?


6. Half knot

Half knot long bob hairstyles

A half knot is the cooler (and cuter) version of a traditional bun and makes for a fun hairstyle for summer. This casual long bob hairstyle keeps your tresses away from your face (unless you have bangs) and is an ultimate ‘bad hair day’ hairdo. Try this ‘cool girl’ hairstyle by following these steps.

Part your hair in two sections from right, above your ears. Hold the upper section in your hand and twist it to make a knot. Wrap the hair around the knot and secure it with an elastic hair tie and bobby pins. Style the rest of your hair in soft waves and spray some hairspray to keep it in place.


7. Undercut braid

Undercut braid long bob hairstyles

If you’ve been looking for an edgy long bob hairstyle, look no more, because this is it! Leave it to PeeCee to show you how to fake an undercut with a braid on a long bob. A total badass hairstyle, this chic side braid has our votes. And, safe to say that it is actually a safer choice than getting the real undercut. Try this side Dutch braid with messy waves to flaunt your short ‘do.

All you have to do, to get this look is to put your braiding skills to use. Firstly, create a dramatic side parting. From the smaller side, brush your hair far from the hairline and start Dutch braiding close to the roots, adding strands as you go. The braid should fall behind your ear. Secure with a clear hair tie and style the rest of your hair in waves. Spray hairspray and tame the flyways around the braid to get a neat look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest


8. Flattering lobs

Flattering lobs long bob hairstyles

If you have not had the delight of sporting the most flattering long bobs of all time, let us introduce you to one that suits faces of all shapes; the flattering lob. The length of this long bob varies from chin to collar bone and makes your face look slimmer by adding better angles to it. Sport the edge as per your taste and face shape and rock the best long bob.

Image courtesy: @Cherin Choi


9. Long bob with shaggy bangs

Long bob with shaggy bangs long bob hairstyles

We mean, why the hell not? After all, long bobs have enough room to play with. Shaggy bangs with a messy bob and hairdo will bring out the crazy and chic inside you and guess what? You don’t even need to maintain it much on a daily basis. Just brush and finger through the strands and mush it up. Wrap it in a bun or braid and you have messy ones ready. These lobs are just perfect, whether open or bound.

Image courtesy: @Ramirez Tran Salon


10. Retro Lob

Retro Lob long bob hairstyles

We all love fuss-free hair. Honestly, going short gives you a major advantage in that aspect. But then, sometimes we miss how creative we could get with long hair too. Long bobs are the perfect length. And that’s why this perfect cut straight from the style books of the past, should be your pick. Go natural straight and not poker with this long bob which is the most basic bob that you can have. Just comb it out, control those flyaways, and you can ace any look, chic and fabulous way.

Image courtesy: @Ramirez Tran Salon


11. Straight lob with sleek bangs

Straight lob with sleek bangs long bob hairstyles

This one’s another classic favourite. If you have sleek and straight hair, do not feel shy to sport front bangs. You can add more drama to it by creating buns or braids with the longer part of the hair. Pin up or puff up those bangs with the help of pings, for days when you do not want to showcase those to the world. Overall, these add a nice drama to straight hair.

Image courtesy: @Ramirez Tran Salon


FAQ on long bobs

FAQ on long bobs

Q. How do you maintain a long bob haircut?

A. The best way to maintain a long bob haircut is by visiting your salon every 6 to 8 weeks. Also, when you blow-dry your hair, do it from the top to the bottom. Remember to not pause the dryer for too long at a spot as it may damage your hair.

Q. What is the difference between a lob and a bob haircut?

A. Lob is just a little longer than a usual bob. It basically is a long bob, hence the term lob. It’s a perfect midway for those who want a bob, with a little touch of long hair. A lob is more versatile than a bob in a way that it gives you more room for styling. On the other hand, bobs are easier to maintain.