Hair is hands down the best crown a lady can wear, it enhances your beauty and gives you a chance to experiment with as many trends as you want. Speaking of trends—hair cutting style trends keep on changing every year and there is almost always a new rage for you to go gaga on.

It’s 2020 now and the hair trend universe is already buzzing with brand new trends, so get ready to go crazy with your haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours. Choose a hairstyle that works you and goes flaunt your new hair this year...

2020’s most anticipated hairstyle and haircuts for girls...


1.The Easy Bangs

The Easy Bangs Hair Cutting Style

The bangs haircut is going nowhere, it’s here to stay and it’s going to make you fall in love with your new look. The best part about bangs is that it assures that you have long hair along with short bangs that beautifully frame your face. This haircut for girls is classic yet trendy. To add more glamor you can go for bangs that are slightly longer than the usual length and easy to maintain. So when you don’t want it, you can always pull it back.


2. The Bold Crop

Bold Crop Hair Cutting Style For Girls

The hair cutting style for girls is getting bolder and better every passing year, now the cropped hairstyle has been around since quite some time now. From Halsey to Miley Cyrus we have seen everyone carrying of cropped haircut with utmost grace, and so can you! It’s the easy hairstyle to maintain and what’s more? You’ll hardly see any bad hair day with this hairstyle. Some choose to go extra shorter towards the edges but you can always choose the length that you find comfort in.


3. Textured Bob Cut Hairstyle

Textured Bob Cut Hair Cutting Style

If you’ve ever looked at Dua Lipa and fell in love with her effortlessly textured short hair then you’ll know what we are talking about. It gives a perfect Girl Boss look with the textured waves falling over your shoulder. Get yourself new rules, because with this hairstyle for girls you’re sure wanna wind some waves.


4. The Retro Fringe

The Retro Fringe Haircut For Girls

Say hello to the retro and classic fringes, fashion is all about the beloved old trends and so is this haircutting style. This fringes inspired from the ’60s is a versatile look that you can pull off according to your personality - it can seamlessly transform from a bad girl on bike look to a first bencher fringe girl. So play along with these gorgeous fringes and never have a boring haircut ever again.


5. Heavy Layers

Heavy Layers Haircut For Girls

Layering has been a staple hairstyle since quite a few years now, and it’s here to stay the only hairstyle with heavy layers and textures. The best part about layering is, it adds a visible volume to your hair making it look fuller and thick. Moreover, it’s easy to style and looks great even when you leave it open after a generous blow-dry session.


6. The Kim-K Straight To The Point Hair

The Kim-K Straight To The Point Haircut Style

This one is for all the straight hair beauties out there with good volume and thick hair. It’s time to take a thing or two from the Kardashian itself. If you have straight hair, enhance its natural texture by getting a straight haircut with pointy ends and you know the rest - do a clean middle partition and there you are! A boss lady ready to slay the world.


7. The Cute Pixie Cut

The Cute Pixie Cut Style

Similar to the length of cropped hair, the pixie haircut is also short but with prominent textures. The pixie cut comes with a voluminous body and pointy ends. It’s classy, chic and effortless. The way to make your pixie look more out there is to dye it in vibrant hues. We have seen Rihanna doing that and don’t we all just loved it? Go werk this chic look!


8. French Bob Haircut

French Bob Haircut For Girls

A squared off a haircut with prominent heavy bangs, this french bob haircut is a you-can’t-miss style statement. It gives an interesting texture to your hair while creating a structural drama closer to your jawline. French bob also helps to draw the attention to your neck lowering down the collarbone. So, if you’re this tall girl with an angular face, go ahead with tie French bob haircut. Merci!

Now that we have talked about the haircut that you can try, let’s talk about some trending hairstyles that you can either get done with your new haircut or just style your recent cut to make it look like this.


9. The Ariana High Ponytail

Ariana High Ponytail Haircut for Girls To Rock in 2019

Say thank you, next to your boring ponytail and let us recreate the signature high ponytail hairstyle of our very own Ariana Grande. Best suited for college goers and under 25 girls, this hair statement is effortless and a sure way to hide your bad hair days. Just tie a high pony, you can to add hair accessories to make it appear higher. There’s a peculiar cheerful vibe of this hairstyle, don’t you think?


10. The Messy Bun Business

Messy Bun Business Haircut For Girls

This haircutting style is the comfiest that you’ll try, and it’s as effortless as it sounds. No matter what haircut you have (unless it’s too short) you can pull off this hairstyle pretty easily, just by a hair clip. All you have to do is, just pull your hair above your neck and do a messy bun with few strands left behind to give your face a slim texture. If you want to add a personality depth to your buns you can use colored pencils, or even bun sticks to make your look more interesting.


11. The Top Knot Buns

Top Knot Buns Haircut For Girls

The messy bun is your comfy hairstyle but what if you want to head out with a bun? It doesn’t sound like a moment of crises but when you love buns, you just love buns. Luckily, we have a glamorous fix for it, all you have to do is just like high ponytails, take your buns higher, making it a top knot. This effortless yet chic hairstyle is perfect for the summers and also for all those outings when you don’t feel like doing too much with your hair.


12. The Sleek One Length Haircut Style

Sleek One Length Haircut Style

The versatility of one length haircut is that you can part it from any side, from a sleek one-sided partition to a voluminous partition to go glamorous. There are multiple looks that you can create with one length hairstyle, the liberty to keep on trying new looks is merely endless.


13. The Beyonce Curls

Beyonce Curls Hair Cutting Style

Curls are a personality in themselves, it suddenly makes you look fierce and cute, depending on how you manage to style it. For the girls with natural curls, it’s time to enhance your natural curls by using suitable products and keeping them healthy, especially during winters. For the girls who’d like to hone the curly hair look, there are a lot of ways. You can go for treatments like perming or you can get a hair curler (rollers or curling wand) for temporary curls.


14. Boho Accessories

Boho Accessories Haircut For Girls

Hairstyles can also be created with accessories if you’re not certain about changing your haircut or hairstyle but also want to try a new look you can take the help of accessories. The safest hair accessory to try is a sleek fabric band, it makes you look clean and chic. We advise you to not go crazy with colors, choose a decent hue that goes with your hair and skin color. It’s the best bet if you’re into boho looks and it always keeps your hair away from your face, how relieving is that?

These hair cutting styles are surely going to inspire you to set your salon appointment right away. One thing to remember is, haircuts for girls are always experimental and you should not be afraid to try something new. Haircut for girls keeps on evolving over time, it’s only safe to keep on trying the hairstyle that fancies you.

While you’re busy trying all these haircut styles, make sure you take proper care of your hair, you don’t want it to start shedding. You can use a number of products for your hair which is easily available in stores and online. The best products as recommended by hairstyle experts are from TIGI and Toni & Guy, so don’t think twice before trying these brands as its unique formula gives both style and much-needed care to your hair.