Here Are Some Amazingly Offbeat And New Hairstyles For Girls To Try

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Here are some amazingly offbeat and new hairstyles for girls to try

There are days when you don’t mind wrapping your hair into a basic bun or ponytail, and then there are days when you want to go with a fun and pretty updo. The picture of that one trendy hairstyle you saved in your phone then comes to your rescue. That’s the thing with hairstyles. However busy or lazy we are, a new and trendy hairdo is something that always catches our eye and makes us want to reach for some hairspray and hairbrush to get on with trying the do.

Be it a celebrity rocking a new hairdo or your BFF wearing a funky do, love to spot (and screenshot) a new hairstyle, cause, well, it is never enough for a girl when it comes to beautiful and hip hairstyles. And, if you happen to have long locks, you need some hair goals more than anyone else. Whether you are looking for some hair inspiration for an upcoming event like a wedding, office party or Coachella, or you’re just done with sporting the same braid or bun for work, you need to read this.

We have curated 10 gorgeous hairstyles worn by our favourite B-town celebs that are anything but boring. Take a look at these never seen before, new hairstyles for girls and try them yourself now...


A half done ponytail

Flyaway bun

For when you can’t decide between going sleek or crazy with your hairstyle, get this one. A mid parted sleek look at the front with a ponytail that’s unfolding drama at the back is perfect for an ‘I have bipolar personality’ mood day. To get this look, use hair gel on your hair and create a centre parting. Pull your hair in a mid-high ponytail by taking your hair through the hair tie twice and leave it in a loop on the third go. Wrap a gel laden strand of hair around hair tie for a clean look.


Grunge Crunch

Flyaway bun

You’d be lying if you said this is not the scruffiest hairstyle you’ve ever seen. What seems like a totally nonchalant top knot hairstyle is actually a messy, grungy bun placed atop. The only rule to recreate this new hairstyle for girls is that there are no rules. Just keep your bun as crunchy and messy as you possibly can. Secure it with hairspray and pins and throw in some beachy waves to team it with, and you’ve got yourself a hairstyle that would be a hair crush of many.


Knot in detail

Flyaway bun

This dramatic and intricate new hairstyle for girls has got us hooked, literally. We could just stare at this flaunting hairdo all day. The fact that it has so many details like a French braid at the crown, twisted knotted bun placed at the mid back of the head and a face framing side flick on the front is making us want to try the look, and we are sure you feel the same. Also, you can’t miss the big girl hair accessories that are matchy-matchy with the earrings.


Bouffant pretzel bun

Flyaway bun

Taking inspiration from the yummy pretzel bun, this hairstyle is a blend of a low chignon and twisted bun. Pair it with a bouffant for dramatic, red carpet ready hairdo. Although it looks a little complicated, it is in fact insanely easy. Start with straight hair. For the bouffant at the back, backcomb and tease hair from the crown. Tie your hair in a ponytail. Part your ponytail hair and twist both sections, then intertwine them. Wrap interweaved ponytail into a low bun and secure the look with bobby pins and hairspray. Voila! simple hairstyles for girls as that!


Tousled knotted ponytail

Flyaway bun

If you love a shabby low ponytail with a ‘twist’, you are gonna love this new hairstyle donned by Kiara Advani. Teased and tousled hair pulled back in a messy way and the twisted knots at the back are giving this hair look an edgy touch. This hairstyle will look amazing on straight or wavy hair with medium or long hair length. You don’t need any hair ties for this, just some bobby pins and looping and tucking skills are all you need to ace this eccentric hair look.


Double fishtail half up half down

Flyaway bun

Love fishtail braids? Here’s a new way of wearing the two strand braid with a classy touch. And, it’s so easy that you can pull it off in minutes. Create a mid-parting till crown. Take the hair from the crown, leaving the parted hair, and make a loose and flat fishtail about 4-5 inches long and secure with bobby pins. Now take the hair from the side front and make a tight fishtail. Repeat same on the other side. Bring both fishtail braids at the back and pin it with the crown braid. Use a cool hair accessory to tie the look together.


Aim for the sky

Flyaway bun

Upgrade Ariana Grande’s well known sleek, sky-high ponytail with wavy locks hairstyle and puffed up front to get your own summer-perfect to do. This shaggy and new hairstyle for girls will look amazing on those who have long voluminous hair. To get the exact same look, start by teasing your hair to create volume. Leave a small section of your hair from one side. Bend forward and tie your hair in a ponytail by pulling it all towards the front. Place it on top of the head and secure with a hair tie. Wrap the strand around hair tie and style the ponytail hair in loose curls. Push your hair towards the hairline and pull a few strands out from the side for a non-sleek look. Spritz hairspray to finish the look. 


Dainty crown do

Flyaway bun

This delicate half up half down hair with a crown braid and little pearl accessories is how your summer wedding hair should look like. If you’ve been searching for a perfect hairdo for your friend’s wedding or your own wedding functions, your search ends here. Just make an adorable crown braid and style your hair in beachy waves to have a hair moment that everyone would be envious of. Don’t forget to embellish this look with either tiny white flowers or pearl pins.


Lazy girl braid

Flyaway bun

Lazy hairstyles like a loose braid that looks like it has come undone were a big hit on the runways this season. These new hairstyles for girls are gorgeous, take less than five minutes to do and are so easy to create. There shouldn’t be any excuses to not try out this pretty hairstyle. Plus, it’s the best choice for summer as it keeps hair away from face and neck. Hold your hair below the nape and divide it into three sections. Braid it lose and wrap a fine thread till the end to secure. 


Flyaway bun

Flyaway bun

This low bun with pointed frowzy hair is a new hairstyle for girls who are bored with their messy bun. Try this glamorous do with slicked back hair draped into a flyaway bun at the back for a glam occasion when you want to look ravishing and chic. A fairly new bun that is an elegant update to your classic messy bun hairdo can be achieved with a gentle amount of hair gel to push back all the hair and make it poker straight at the back and some hairspray to keep it in place.

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