No hairstyle stands out like a mohawk braid! Since it starts right from the front of your head, it is the first thing that people tend to notice. Unlike braids, buns and ponytails, mohawks don’t make for your everyday hairstyle. They are time-consuming, but the end result is definitely worth it! So, if you’re itching to try a mohawk hairstyle, then here’s an uber-chic edition that will earn you zillion compliments. It’s called the mohawk half-bun; a hybrid of mohawk braids and half-bun (duh!). Want to learn how it’s done? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you ace this hairdo like a pro:

How to make a mohawk half-bun

How to make a mohawk half-bun

Step 01: Grab a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Smoothen it out so that you don’t have knots coming in the way of your hairstyle

Step 02: Start by sectioning off the top section of your hair to create three small mohawk braids. Create two sections in line with your temples and one along the centre of your forehead

Step 03: Since you’ll be working with the top section of your hair, tie the bottom section to keep the rest of your hair out of the way

Step 04: Make three tiny mohawk braids one after the other. Braid how you normally would and stop braiding as soon as you reach the back of the crown. Secure each braid with clear elastics

Step 5: Once you’re ready to make a half-bun, remove the clear elastics from your braids. Hold them together and wrap it into a half-bun. Secure the bun with the help of a few bobby pins

Step 6: Lastly, grab your curling iron to add some soft waves to the rest of your hair. This will up the glamour quotient of your mohawk half-bun. Set your style in place with a finishing hair spray

Image courtesy: Instagram