Summer is here in full swing and so is the humidity which makes everything sweaty and messy! If you are someone who is always on your toes and has a hectic schedule; you know the plight of dressing up your hair and stepping out during this oh-so-sweaty season.

If you are on a hunt for simple chic hairdos that are sweat-proof and take under 5 mins to get done, read on...


Twisted bun

Twisted bun

Step1: Creating a mid-parting, dividing your hair vertically.

Step 2: Tie the two sections in a knot at the back.  

Step 3: Take one section of the knot and wrap it around. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 4: Wrap the other section around the knot and secure it too.

Step 5: Finish the look with spritzing some hairspray.


Ballerina bun

Ballerina bun

Step1: Pull your hair in a ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie.

Step 2: Tease your ponytail hair by backcombing it to create volume.   

Step 3: Fold half of the hair inward and secure with bobby pins. Flatten the folded hair to make a semi-circle.

Step 4: Repeat same with lower half of hair.

Step 5: Tuck any loose ends and flyaways.


Bun with a bandana

Bun with a bandana

Step1: Pull your hair in a bun and place it at the centre back of your head.

Step 2: Take a colourful silk bandana and wrap it around the bun.

Step 3: Secure with bobby pins and pull some hair strands out from front for a messy look.


Sky high wrapped ponytail

Sky high wrapped ponytail

Step1: Create a high pony tail for yourself. Divide it into two halves.

Step 2: Twist and twirl both halves to the end. Secure it if you feel the need with a clip or a hair tie.

Step 3: Intertwine the two and wrap them around the ponytail hair tie in opposite direction.

Step 4: Secure with U-pins and hairspray.


Fan bun

Fan bun

Step1: Tie your hair in a mid-high ponytail.

Step 2: Create a space under the hair tie using your fingers.

Step 3: Twist your ponytail once and pull half of it through the space.

Step 4: Wrap the end of the ponytail around hair tie and secure it with bobby pin

Image courtesy: Pinterest