6 Simple Hairstyles For Everyday Of The Week So You Can Flaunt A New Hairdo Every Day

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
6 simple hairstyles for everyday of the week so you can flaunt a new hairdo every day

No girl wants to wear the same boring hairstyle every day. However, due to lack of time or lack of inspiration (we’ve all been there, done that, BTW), you are left with no option but to head off to your work, college or party with the same high ponytail or a wrapped bun, or better still, hair let loose! Today, we are going to fix that. It’s time you master some simple hairstyle that looks like you spent hours on it, but really only need 10 minutes to be put together. No kidding!

Be it a glamorous updo or a chic twisted half up down, we at BeBeautiful consider it our duty to bring you fun and quirky hairdos each time. Scroll on as we bring you some simple chic hairstyles and a step by step tutorial to help you ace each with easy. So are you ready to up your hair game?

Here are 6 simple hairstyles and step by step guide to nailing each of them...


Double knot half up

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

This hairstyle is pretty easy and makes a stunning everyday hairstyle when you don’t feel like doing much with your hair but still want to look chic and cool. It’s offbeat and fun, and need like 5 minutes to do. All you need is some bobby pins, hairspray and a brush.

Step 1: This hairstyle looks incredibly cute with soft curls. Brush your hair and style your hair into soft waves.

Step 2: Running your thumbs along the hairline above your ears, divide your upper section of hair into two equal sections.

Step 3: Hold the two sections and tie them into a knot.

Step 4: Take the ends of the knot and tie them once more. If your thin hair, make another knot to make seem fuller.

Step 5: Use some bobby pins to secure the knot in the middle of the head and spray Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray Spray for extra sheen.


Floral half bun

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

It’s insane how such a neat and elegant half updo would take you no time to pull off. And, it’s definitely a new addition hairstyle to the classic buns you must have tried by now. Swap your top knot or wrapped bun with this graceful hairdo. You can totally rock this simple flower-y bun at a dinner party or a summer wedding of your BFF or sister.

Step 1: Start by pulling half of your hair into a ponytail.

Step 2: Slide the hair tie a little lower and make a hollow space in the ponytail using your fingers. Flip the ponytail through space.

Step 3: Braid the ponytail in the usual way and secure with a clear hair tie.

Step 4: Flatten the braid by pulling strands from it to make a flat flower bun.

Step 5: Wrap the braid into a bun and secure with U shape pins. And, voila! you’re done!


French twist Ponytail

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

Heard of famous French bun? Well here’s a cool ‘twist’ to it. French twist ponytail is an easy and classy ponytail and breath of fresh air from your usual low ponytail. Pull it off in 5 minutes and wear it for your college fests, brunch or date night.

Step 1: This hairstyle works best with straight hair. So start by straightening your hair using a flat iron.

Step 2: Comb your hair from the right side and pin half of it from above the ear in the middle back of the head using bobby pins. Stack the pins slanted vertically.

Step 3: Take hair from the left side to the middle and fold it inwards, covering the hairpins. Secure the folded hair with bobby pins.

Step 4: Pull the loose hair into a ponytail, leaving a strand from the lower side. Secure with a hair tie.

Step 5: Wrap the strand around the hair tie and pin it behind the ponytail.


Messy Wrapped hairdo

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

Casual and classy, this simple hairstyle looks as adorable on short and medium length hair as it looks on long hair. This is kind of hairstyle to the sport when you’re tired or short of time or simply in doubt as to what to go with. Just get hold of some bobby pins and you can make this easy-breezy half up half down in minutes.

Step 1: Backcomb your hair to create volume.

Step 2:  Pull a section from the front and tie it in a ponytail at the crown.

Step 3: Take a small section from the side and pin it in the middle back, wrapping it over the hair tie.

Step 4: Now, take a section from the opposite side and overlap the previous pinned section.

Step 5: Take another section and pin it on the opposite side overlapping the previous one. Repeat 3-4 more times according to the volume and length of your hair.

Step 6: Spray some hair spray to keep the pinned hair in place. Brush hair.


Faux boho braid

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

We love to rock a romantic bohemian braid on any relaxed evening or a summer wedding, don’t we? But it is a hefty hairdo to pull. Here is a simpler version of the boho braid that doesn’t require you to master zillion ways to pleating. Plus, if you happen to have fine hair, this is your best bet as these techniques make for fuller, thicker braid.

Step 1: Begin by spritzing some Toni&Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add texture and volume to hair.

Step 2: Part your hair horizontally and pull the upper section of your hair into a loose ponytail.

Step 3: Make a topsy tail by inverting the ponytail through a space above hair tie.

Step 4: Take two sections from each side below the ponytail and tie them into a ponytail. Flip it inward as you did it Step 3.

Step 5: Repeat the same flipping and tucking until you reach the end of the hair.

Step 6: Tie about 2 inches of the end in a hair tie. Spray hairspray to keep the braid in place.


Chic chignon bun

Chic chignon bun - simple hairstyle 

As glamorous and chic as it looks, this red carpet bun is actually so simple and effortless that you would want to try this right now. You only need to put your tucking and pinning skills to use for this one. Follow these steps and let’s get bunning.

Step 1: Leave two sections from the side and tie the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. Chignon means nape of the neck that’s why this bun is placed down low.

Step 2: Make a hollow space above the hair tie and flip the ponytail.

Step 3: Take the two left out strands and tie them into a ponytail. Tuck it into the space of the previous ponytail.

Step 4: Take the ponytail hair and keep tucking it under the space until all the hair is tucked in.

Step 5: Secure the end with a bobby pin. Pull some strands from the crown for a messy look.

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