They may look misleadingly simple, but messy hairdos and ‘no makeup’ makeup looks require the most amount of effort. Such is the irony of life. While they subtly state “I am too cool to care”, they end up taking hours and countless products to properly recreate.

One such look, that according to us, requires a massive amount of effort (as well as patience) is the messy bun. If your struggle to perfect the I-woke-up-like-this look hasn’t been exactly successful, you’re not alone! The bun either ends up looking extremely deflated and slept-in or too perfect to call it messy. But that’s all going to be in the past now.

What’s the secret to nailing this hairstyle like an absolute pro? Second-day hair (or third, or even fourth). Think of it this way: a tousled, messy bun is to dirty hair what white wine is to a girls’ night out; absolutely essential if you want to do it right. If there’s one hairstyle that’s a saving grace on mornings you just can’t get it together enough to wash your hair (or afternoons when you’ve managed to sneak in a lunchtime workout), then is it.

To help you nail this look in the simplest way possible, here’s an amazing fool-proof way to get the perfect messy bun hairstyle in just three steps.


How to nail the messy bun

How to nail the messy bun

Step 01: Start by flipping your hair upside down and pulling all of it together in a loose ponytail. Place it as high or as low as you’d like. Refrain from using a comb or bother with strands looking perfectly slicked back because, messy, right?

Step 02: Hold the ponytail and spin it around the base. Continue to wrap it until it forms a bun, but don’t forget to leave the tail out at the end for some added drama.

Step 03: Secure this bun in place with a hair tie and bobby pins. Pull out some sections of the hair and loosen a few face framing strands from the front for some added drama.

Image courtesy: Instagram