There comes a point when most of us get bored of wearing our hair long and are itching to chop it all off for a stylish short crop. But are you afraid of going too short and then regretting it? Well, we have the perfect solution to this problem – a long bob cut. A long bob, also often referred to as a ‘lob’, is a stylish, shoulder-length hairstyle that is perfect for girls who want a bob haircut, but don’t want to part with the comfort of having long hair.

One of the easiest haircuts to style and maintain, long bob cuts have been dominating the hair scene internationally for quite a few years now. With major celebrities and influencers sporting this chic hairstyle, it is time for you to try this stunning haircut too.

If you are considering getting yourself a long bob cut, here are seven stunning inspirations to choose from. Go ahead and take a look; we promise these ideas will make you call your hairstylist as soon as you are done reading.


1. Curly lob

Curly lob

Image courtesy: @cheyenne.resch

If you think that short haircut ideas are not for curly haired girls, then the curly lob may just change your mind. Whether you have super wavy, curly or coily hair, a long bob cut will definitely enhance your natural curl pattern and give you the perfect makeover you’re looking for. To ensure that this haircut looks chic and well-put together, take a little curling mouse and apply to the ends of your hair when it is still wet and then scrunch it up for a few minutes. This will ensure that once your hair dries, your natural curls will shine through without any frizz whatsoever.


2. A-line cut

A-line cut

Image courtesy: @lopez_cut_

The defining feature of an A-line long bob cut is that it is a bit longer on the front and slightly shorter at the back. Since this hairstyle has a tapered look at the front, it helps in framing your face and giving it a more angled and chiselled appearance. Even though this haircut looks the best when worn poker straight, you could add curls and waves if you are bored of wearing your hair in the same style every day.


3. Lob with side bangs

Lob with side bangs

Image courtesy: @reyhairstylist

Another common and chic way to wear a lob haircut is to get yourself some side bangs. Especially helpful for girls with long, angular face shapes, this shoulder length hair cut coupled with the chin-grazing side bangs helps soften your features and gives your face a rounder look. Additionally, the side bangs also provide a little texture and movement to your haircut, thereby making it the perfect wash-and-go hairstyle. All the lazy girls out there, we hope you’re taking notes!


4. Messy lob

Messy lob

Image courtesy: @elisemilou

The best thing about getting yourself a long bob haircut is that it looks equally good messy as it does sleek and shiny. Therefore, if you are a girl with a super busy schedule with no time to meticulously style and tame your hair every morning, then this messy lob cut is a great choice for you. Usually featuring feathered layers at the ends, a messy lob gives the illusion of lots of volume, making it a great haircut for girls with thin and fine hair as well.


5. Long bob with bangs

Long bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @iamlacykay

If your natural hair is straight and seems to fall flat most of the time, then asking your hairstylist to give you a long bob with bangs is a great idea. If you are someone who has never had bangs before, this style will be an amazing change for you. Additionally, the simple straight cut provides the extreme versatility of styling your hair in any way that you prefer. If you are someone who has a long, angular face or a big forehead, the bangs will conceal some of the length, thereby making your face appear a lot smaller.


6. Textured long bob

Textured long bob

Image courtesy: @hairblissdesigns

One of the most common and stylish lob haircuts in demand is the textured long bob cut. If you have wavy hair, this is a haircut you definitely must consider getting. The slightly choppy layers give your hair so much dimension and movement. Plus, this is an amazing haircut idea for girls with fine hair, because the layers end up adding so much volume to give your hair a fuller look. For added drama and depth, get yourself some babylights and sport healthy and shiny looking hair instantly.


7. Inverted lob

Inverted lob

Image courtesy: @salonljepotekristina

Similar to an A-line lob seen earlier, an inverted lob haircut is also shorter at the back and longer at the front. But unlike an A-line lob, which has really blunt ends, an inverted lob is a lot softer and has razor-cut layers. Ideal for girls with thick hair, this long bob cut helps reduce the bulkiness of thick hair and gives it a lot more body and movement, instead of making the hair appear coarse and unmanageable.


Different ways to style a long bob cut

Different ways to style a long bob cut

Image courtesy: @yamigautam

Now that you have seen some stylish long bob haircut ideas, it is now time to look at some ways in which you can style this haircut. From braids to a quick blow dry, simply spending two minutes each morning to style your hair is enough to keep your hairstyle from looking monotonous and boring. Here are some of our absolute favourite ways…


1. Long bob with hair accessories

Long bob with Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @prachidesai

Adding simple hair accessories like a headband, hair pins and barrettes is a great way to break the monotony of your lob. These accessories not only look stylish, but also keep your hair in place throughout the day.


2. Long bob with braids

Long bob with Braids

Image courtesy: @livingly on Pinterest 

Another quick and simple way to style your long bob cut would be to braid it. From front Dutch braids, side braids, fishtail braids to boxer and milkmaid braids, the options are endless when it comes to braiding styles. Simply pick one depending on the outfit and occasion, and you are bound to receive a ton of compliments throughout the day.


3. Long bob with waves

Long bob with Waves

Image courtesy: @hairelementsgc

If you have fine, straight hair, then giving your long bob a bit of added texture will completely transform for your look. Spray a little dry shampoo on your roots and give your hair a quick blow dry to add some root volume. Next, take your hair straightener and simply create some waves at the ends. This will give it oodles of texture to make your hair look instantly voluminous and stylish.


4. Long bob with switching up the hair parting

Long bob with switching up the hair parting

Image courtesy: @curtosbr

Having the same hair parting for years and years and can bore anyone out, don’t you think? It can also lead to widening of the part and hair thinning, thereby making your scalp more visible. Therefore, it is best to switch up your hair parting every now and then. This not only prevents the issues discussed above, but is a simple and quick way to break the monotony of sporting the same hairstyle every single day

. Main image courtesy: @yamigautam