Out of all the trends from the bygone era that have made a comeback, vintage has been the most popular, thanks to runway models and red-carpet stunners. The retro hairstyles that once ruled the monochrome television back in the day is becoming all the rage once again. Yes, ladies! Vintage is back and how! Them retro waves and epic twirls have made a comeback and given retro a whole new meaning.

Here are some of the ultra-cool vintage hairstyles that you’re definitely going to fall in love with...

5 vintage hairstyles to love

The front puff

Nothing screams vintage like a front bump hairstyle! Back in the day, women used floral scarves as hair accessories to accentuate their front bump. However, this is one hairstyle that never really went out of trend. In various modern versions, poufs always make dramatic comebacks, be it on runways or red carpets. Give it a corporate look by teaming it with a sharp pant-suit or go easy-breezy by complementing the hairstyle with midi skirts.

5 vintage hairstyles to love

Princess waves

Classic waves were a huge hit on television back in the day. And they have made a comeback giving us the same retro feels this season too. Princess waves make for the easiest hairdo, one that does not require much time or effort. All you need to do is give your hair a deep side parting and use your curling iron to add waves to your hair, starting from mid-length towards the ends! Let the crown area remain sleek, apply some serum to keep flyaways at bay.

5 vintage hairstyles to love

Voluminous curls

There is a vintage hairstyle for every hair length. Yes, even for short hair! If you think styling short hair has very limited options, you’re wrong! In fact, short hair looks more retro than any other length when styled appropriately. To make your short hair look vintage, use your curling iron to add curls on the ends. This will give instant volume to your mane. And, blow-dry the front fringes outwardly for added effect!

5 vintage hairstyles to love

The epic twirl

No vintage hairstyle is complete without a twirl. Rollers make for the best hair tools if you want to ace the perfect twirl. Leaving the front lock into a roller, pin the hair from the crown giving it way for a low bun. Next, loosen the hair from the roller without tampering with the shape and simply pin the twirl just above your ear. Take a straightener to polish your bangs and to make them look straighter and neater.

5 vintage hairstyles to love

The two-sided tuck

Two-sided tuck makes for an uber dramatic vintage look and looks best when teamed with pinafore and peter pan collar dresses. All you need to do is start by parting your hair down the middle. Then, take a section of your hair from the front and leave it into a roller. Repeat the same on the other side. Loosen your hair from the roller and tuck it at the back of your head using bobby pins. Voila!

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