Classic Haircuts That Will Make You Look Younger

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Classic haircuts that will make you look younger

Ageing is every woman’s worst nightmare. And while you’ve tried every beauty product under the sun to retain your youthfulness, we bet you ignored the most simple trick that’ll instantly make you younger. Any guesses as to what it can be? We’re talking about… a haircut.

Yes, you read that right. Getting a haircut that flatters your face shape can instantly take years off your face. Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of hairstyles that are guaranteed to make you look younger. Take a look…


Side-swept bangs

Single-length hair

While the traditional bangs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s side-swept cousin is something we definitely urge you to try. Apart from giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance, the wispy bangs also do a great job at taking the attention away from those pesky forehead wrinkles.


A shorter hair length

Single-length hair

If you think the answer to looking youthful lies in having long hair, then sorry to burst your bubble, but you are absolutely wrong. In fact, a shorter hairdo makes you look more youthful. How? Well, as you grow older, your hair tends to become thinner and loses body. A shorter hairdo can help you fake volume and make you look younger.



Single-length hair

If you are confident enough to carry a dramatic haircut, then a pixie is your answer. By drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones, this haircut does a wonderful job in making you look younger instantly. The only downside to a pixie haircut is the upkeep. You’d need to style your hair with hair gel or wax to prevent the cut from falling flat.


Long layers

Single-length hair

For most of us, parting with long hair that we have so painstakingly grown can be difficult. If that is the case, simply add a few face-framing layers that will instantly take years off your face and make you look younger by giving your face some extra dimension.


Single-length hair

Single-length hair

If your hair is long and pretty healthy, then a single length haircut with a middle partition looks pretty stunning too. The mid-part helps in giving your face some balance, while the uniform length gives it some movement to fake healthier hair. To add some more drama, style the ends of your hair in loose waves for added depth and dimension.

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