Having spent a year and a half indoors already, it's safe to say we're getting pretty sick of the usual day-to-day. And this annoyance extends onto our hair too. It's no coincidence that more people started trying to colour their hair at home, chopping long locks off, even going bald. But if your impulsive hair-styling decisions have led nowhere — except now everyone you meet calls you Billie Eilish because you dyed your hair green — we're fixing your hair woes for you.

These trendy hair hacks will serve as a breath of fresh air in your everyday life, and hey! If you're going through a bad hair day, they'll definitely take care of that for you too. Here's how you can switch up your hairstyles with these trendy hair hacks.


01. Tie a scarf

Tie a scarf

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Looking for an easy way to style long hair? Sit back and don't stress — try creating different hair looks with a silk scarf, or bandana, instead. Whether you want to incorporate the versatile hair accessory into your ponytails or tie it as a headband, the world (the scarf) is your oyster! Plus, they're really good for hiding bad hair days too, so when in doubt — turn to scarves.


02. Romantic buns

Romantic buns

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Sure, you could throw your hair into a super-messy low bun. Or, you could pretend like you have it together and whip up this quick masterpiece. First up, spritz some texturising spray to add a bit of grit and hold. Opt for the TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo which will help create hold, volume and texture that lasts long while conditioning the hair to make it feel smooth and soft. Next up, separate your hair into three sections. Using a scrunchie, secure the middle section into a ponytail and wrap all three sections around the middle part to create a chic bun.


03. Hair clips and bobby pins

Hair clips and bobby pins

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This is one of our fave styles, simply because you can do it on any hair type. And don't think that hair clips and bobby pins are for school kids who don't know any better yet. Hair accessories are big this year, and you know the old school icons had to make a comeback. While the options to play around with clips and pins are endless, we suggest parting your hair in the middle and stacking six to eight bobby pins on top of your left ear.


04. Topknots


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Sure, we've all leaned on a messy bun in a time crunch, but this easy topknot hairstyle is so much cooler (and just as easy). All you need is a rubber band, a brush, and your hands! Could we make it any simpler? Tie the topknot on, you guessed it, the top of your head. Brush your hair out, and you're done! If you want to take it up a notch, try to create simple waves in the loose sections of your hair — and watch as you transform into someone straight out of a fairytale.


05. Beach waves without heat tools

Beach waves without heat tools

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Yes, you can get heatless waves. Yes, they'll look just as good. No, you don't need to break your back trying to achieve them. All you need to do is wrap your hair into tight braids before going to bed and take them out in the morning. The result? Loose, undone waves. Keep in mind that it's easiest to create this style on damp hair, so if you shower before bed, this technique will be right in line with your schedule. Now you can finally tell people you woke up like this.

Main image courtesy: @pinterest