The Trendiest Bob Cut With Bangs Hairstyles You Can Try This Season

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
 The trendiest bob cut with bangs hairstyles you can try this season

When it comes to short hairstyles for summer, an ear or chin-length bob cut with bangs is undeniably the most trendy look. Celebrities and influencers across the world are proof of this. As the temperature soars, we see more and more people going chop-chop and embracing short haircuts this season. A bob haircut is perfect in so many ways, it takes all that extra weight off your hair, looks trendy and isn’t super short like a pixie. Bob cut with bangs is all the rage right now, it gives your hair a fuller look which means it is perfect even for those with thin hair.

If you are looking for ideas to cut your hair into a short, stylish bob, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found some of the most stylish and trendy ways to sport a bob cut with bangs hairstyles this summer. Right from a blunt bold bob cut to a messy bob with side bangs, we got you covered. Scroll down to pick your favourite and don’t forget to bookmark it before making an appointment with your hairstylist.


1. Textured bob with uneven bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @karl_hairstylist

Effortless and carefree hairstyles are in vogue right now and summer is the perfect time to sport these kinds of hairstyles. This textured bob with uneven bangs comes quite close to a shag haircut which is a major hair trend this year. If you have wavy or curly hair, this bob cut with bangs hairstyle will look gorgeous on you. Plus, it's low maintenance, so you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning trying to keep it in place. If you have straight hair and want this look, don’t worry, just spritz some texturising spray on your tresses and your hair will look like this!


2. Sleek bob with face framing bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @neshama_system

How cool is this sleek bob with long, face-framing bangs? We think it’s super cool! If you have grown-out bangs and wish to grow them further without looking like your salon visit is long overdue, this is the perfect hairstyle. Simply opt for a short bob cut and let your bangs continue to grow. We recommend this hairstyle to those with naturally straight hair, as it can be high maintenance for those with wavy or curly hair. If you are looking for a makeover, add some colour to your hair too while you are at the salon. A dark caramel or honey shade will look classy.


3. Messy bob with curtain bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @cajmel

Do you like messy hairstyles as much as we do? Then you are going to fall in love with this messy bob cut with bangs hairstyle. This shoulder-grazing hairstyle is perfect for all hair types and is super low maintenance too! Even if you don’t use a comb or brush, this hairstyle is sure to make a few heads turn! The curtain bangs at the front is the cherry on the cake and completely ties the whole look together. If you wish to grow your hair quickly after summer, this is the perfect bob haircut length for you.


4. Choppy bob with bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @1roliiii

Choppy hairstyles are a breeze if your hairstylist gets the layering right. It is highly recommended to those who have fine hair as it adds volume to the overall look and creates the illusion of volume in the most natural way. Adding a dimensional hair colour like a dark purple on the top layers will make this bob cut with bangs hairstyle look super trendy. This hairstyle is easy to maintain as it allows you to wash, condition, blow dry and walk out the door in minutes. However, once it grows out, you will have to get the colour done again.


5. Silver bob with dip dye tips

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @pravana

If your personality screams bold colours and experimental hairstyles, we’ve found you a perfect bob cut with bangs hairstyle match for summer. This chic and badass hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted. Those who are already sporting a bob cut and looking for a hairstyle to revamp their look, this silver bob with dip dye tips could just be the inspiration you were looking for. Silver and platinum hair colours are a celeb favourite right now, we’ve seen multiple international celebs going silver. To elevate the haircut further, dip dye your tips in a gorgeous pink or bold purple and look your trendy best!


6. Short layers with bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @rikraksalon

If you were considering going super short this summer, this ear length bob haircut with bangs could just be the hairstyle you were looking for! Adding some layers will make it look voluminous and adding bangs will make your face look round. Perfect for those with elongated or oval faces. If you wish to hide a big forehead in a trendy way this summer, look no further than this gorgeous haircut that we are in love with! No hair touching your neck or creating a sweaty mess, now isn’t that the perfect summer haircut every girl dreams of?


7. Inverted bob with bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @betta_koral

This stunning angled, inverted bob will add dimension from front to back, making you look trendy and in vogue with the latest in hairstyle. The angled bangs at the front take the haircut to a whole new level of chic. If sleek, straight and perfect looking hairstyles are your thing, this low-maintenance bob cut with bangs haircut is definitely for you! The angled cut won’t be too visible on wavy or curly hair, but those with straight and fine hair can definitely go for this haircut to look their trendy best this summer season. Add some highlights or babylights to the haircut for that oomph factor.


8. Bowl cut bob

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @thehairarchives

If you want something in between a pixie and a modern bob, you can try this bowl cut or mushroom cut hairstyle. Bowl cut hair was a major hair trend back in the day, look through old pictures and you will definitely find one photo where you are sporting this hair look. Although a bit tricky to pull off as an adult, this hairstyle is back in trend now. The uniformity of hair length all around makes it dramatic and chic. You can flat iron your hair for a sleek look like this or apply some texturising spray for a messy and tousled look.


9. Colour block bob with bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy:

Colour block as a trend has been around for a long time. It started on the runway as designers showed how gorgeous two contrasting shades can look together. Then makeup artists incorporated this trend into their makeup looks and now we are seeing colour block hairstyles everywhere. This trend can be achieved on hair lengths, but looks particularly gorgeous when paired with a bob cut with bangs haircut. There are endless ways to style your hair with a colour block trend, some prefer colouring their bangs in a bright colour, while leaving the rest a simple brown or black. You can also go for this pretty looking pink colour peeping through the hair at front. An easy and pretty way to get on board with this trend.


10. Curly bob with bangs

Curly bob with bangs

Image courtesy: @mommas.curls

Last but not the least, a bob cut with bangs for those who have curly hair. If you often complain that most hairstyles don’t look great on your curly hair, we are about to change that. Did you know short curly bob with bangs is one of the best face framing hairstyles? If you have loose curls, it will work well with bangs. Hair length is very important here, make sure you don’t go too short with your bob cut or your hair will get frizzy and difficult to manage. Keep the length below your ears so it has some weight and body to behave the way you want it to.

Main image courtesy: @neshama_system, @pravana

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