Trend Alert! The Modern Shag Haircut Is Here To Spruce Up Your Style

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Trend alert! The modern shag haircut is here to spruce up your style

If you have a special place in your heart for casual, messy and layered hairstyles then you are going to love the trendiest haircut of the season – the modern shag. It is cool, in vogue and so effortlessly stylish that we can’t wait to try it out ourselves.

For those of you who don’t know, a shag haircut is a lob with bangs. But in 2020, the trendy and modern version of the shag haircut can be seen on different hair lengths and textures. The rebirth of this trendy hairstyle has found many takers, even among celebrities!

So, here’s all the inspiration you need to go chop-chop...


Voluminous shag

Layered shag

Is thin hair bringing your hair game down? This voluminous shag is the way to go! A stunning combination of long bangs, soft waves and subtle balayage, this haircut will also frame your face beautifully. The best part, it looks perfect on every hair length and texture!


Textured shag

Layered shag

The easiest way to give your personality a makeover is by going for a stylish haircut and when you want to switch things up a lot more, add texture! A modern take on the classic shag, this hair look is inspired by the mullet haircut and is the perfect modern melange of the two classics.


Two toned shag

Layered shag

This one’s for all the experimentalists out there! We’ve seen bangs with lobs before; that’s what a shag haircut is all about, right? But have you seen this trendy haircut in two tones? We found this inspiring hair look on Instagram and it is stylish AF! We love the combination of black and green. Which two shades would you opt for?


Modern shag with curtain bangs

Layered shag

Curtain bangs are ultra-versatile. They are longer than regular bangs and therefore, don’t irritate your eyes. And they’re short enough to give your hair that messy but stylish look. This hairstyle looks exceptionally stunning on medium-length hair.


Layered shag

Layered shag

This subtle wavy soft shag hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t want an extreme hair transformation but are still looking to take a few inches off their long hair. You can opt for a bolder look later if you can’t keep staring at how good the hairstyle looks on you!

Image courtesy: Instagram

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