Braid Pancaking Is The Braiding Hack Every Girl With Thin Hair Should Know

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Braid pancaking is the braiding hack every girl with thin hair should know

A lot of times girls with thin hair refrain from braiding their hair. Why? Because they fear that their braids may end up looking super thin and limp. But achieving that voluminous, Pinterest-worthy braid is simpler than you think. How, you ask? By ‘pancaking your braids’.

Sounds weird, we know, but this braiding hack is absolutely life-changing if you’ve got naturally thin hair that lacks volume. It involves making a braid as usual and then gently tugging on it to add volume.

Following are some amazing braid pancaking hairstyles you can try for ultra-voluminous and stylish looking braids…


Milkmaid braid

Half-up half-down Dutch braid

This stunning braided bun is a beautiful choice for brides. The bumped up top adds a lot of volumes, while the pancaked braid gives the illusion of really think and healthy strands. Don’t forget to let loose a few face-framing tendrils for a softer, more delicate appearance.


Double Dutch braids

Half-up half-down Dutch braid

Love wearing Dutch braids? Then you’re going to love this double Dutch braid. Simply tug at the sides of the braids using your finger and thumb to make them look instantly fuller.


Messy side braid

Half-up half-down Dutch braid

Side braids look super classy. The messier they are the better they look. Amirite or amirite? Throw in a cute accessory for some added oomph!


Half-up half-down Dutch braid

Half-up half-down Dutch braid

This is another beautiful and unique way to style a Dutch braid. Simply take a section of your hair from the front, create a Dutch braid and pin it on the other side behind your hair. Don’t forget to pancake the braid for that extra bit of texture.

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