Girls with thin and flat hair have enough hair-related problems to fill up a book and one of them has got to be a limp and droopy ponytail. It doesn’t hold height, is super scraggy and looks far from glamorous. But, it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Thin-haired girls can also flaunt a fuller-looking long ponytail that even Ariana Grande would find impressive.

If you have thin hair and serious ponytail envy, learn these three genius hacks so the next time you pull your hair in a ponytail, it’s long, thick and makes everyone go 'aaah!'.

make ponytail look thicker and longer

Tease for volume

To enhance the volume of your hair, try the oldest trick in the book—back combing. Make a ponytail as you usually do and tease the hair, one section at a time to make it look fluffy and fuller. Use hair spray to add some texture and tug and pull hair from the crown for a nice, unkempt look at the front.

BB pro tip: Let some hair wisps from the sides fall loose for a messy look.

make ponytail look thicker and longer

Double tails to make it look longer

Now, you can’t make your hair grow overnight but you certainly can fake it till you grow it. To make your ponytail appear longer, grab the hair from near the nape of your neck and make a sneaky little ponytail at the back. Cover it with another on top of it. And, voila!

make ponytail look thicker and longer

Stick bobby pins to hold it up

Your ponytail keeps sinking no matter how many elastic bands you use? Tried bobby pins yet? These little heroes can even put your life together; a ponytail is certainly a NBD. Once you tie your ponytail up high, pin the elastic with two bobby pins like shown above. Make sure the curvy part of the bobby pin is facing inside as it will grip better. Keep the pins vertical and push them down on either side of your ponytail. It will keep your hair tie and ponytail from sliding down.  

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram