You can have short hair and braid them… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It may a tricky, yes, but not impossible to weave your 15-inch strands into a braid. If you are scared that it will come undone and you’ll end up looking like a mess, fret not, we’ve gotchu girl.

You can most def ensure that the braid stays put on your short mane. How, you ask? With some pro tips and tricks, of course! You can braid your short hair neatly and actually make it stay put all day long. All you need is some pins, hairspray and real good tucking skills.

Take a look at three tips to braid short hair so it doesn’t budge or come undone and actually stays put.


Start with the second-day hair

Start with the second-day hair -Tips to braid your short hair

Wash day might not be the best time to opt for a braid hairstyle, especially if you have silky and straight hair. Freshly washed hair may slide off the weave and make the braid loose which is the last thing you’d want. Second or rather third day, on the other hand, is slightly greasy and perfect for braiding as it holds the weave better.


Pin till your make it

Pin till your make it -Tips to braid your short hair

If you’ve got layers in your hair that make it a nightmare for you to ever rock a neat braid, here’s what you can do. Keep some bobby pins handy and keep adding them for the shorter strands sticking out. The bobby pins will also help to keep the braid intact and look more put together.


Finish with a hairspray

Finish with a hairspray -Tips to braid your short hair

Just like any other hairstyle - no let me rephrase that - more than any other hairstyle, your short hair braid needs a spritz of hairspray to stay put. Don’t assume your braid won’t come undone just because you stuck some pins in them. Once you finish braiding and are happy with your look, finish with a mist of hairspray to hold the hairdo.