Are you bored of your same old haircut? Then there is no better time to experiment with your look than during summer! So this season, we think you should grab the opportunity and try some of the most popular styles for 2016. Here are our favourites…

The wavy lob

If you’re bored of wearing your hair long, but apprehensive to go too short, go for the long bob. The wavy lob is straight at the roots and becomes wavier as you move towards the length.

Reverse mullet

Taking off from where the old-school mullet left off, the reverse mullet takes on a more chic direction. It’s long in front and shortens in length as it moves backwards. No wonder this haircut is one of the celeb favourites!

Soft curls

Complement the summer breeze with soft, delicate curls. It is the perfect style to take to the beach and versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways. This super girly hairstyle is the perfect choice for you when you want to embrace your inner diva.

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