We all know that summer is the ideal time to experiment with your look—be it with shorter hemlines, brighter lip colours or snazzier hairstyles. When it comes to trying a new hairdo, scorching temperatures and humidity can play spoilsport. So it is best that you tuck your heat styling tools away. Instead, heatless hairstyles that are fuss-free and high on glamour, can save the day.

BB collaborated with blogger Shalini of Knot Me Pretty who showed us 3 heatless braid hairstyles to try this season...

braid hairstyle for summer

Before beginning, opt for the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo contains a natural blend of olive oil and camellia oil that works towards making your hair soft and smooth hair.


The double braid

The double braid

Step 1 – Create a side parting in your hair and separate a 2 inch section from it. Divide this section into 2 equal halves. For a fishtail braid, use your thumb to pass a portion of hair from the left to the right section. Then pass a portion of hair from the right side to the left.

heatless braid hairstyle

Step 2 – Repeat this until you have plaited the entire section into a fishtail braid. Once complete, pull it backwards and pin it within the loose hair at the back.

braid hairstyle

Step 3 – Bring all your hair over your shoulder and using the same method, plait your hair into a fishtail braid. Continue until all your hair is in the braid and tie it into place.

braid hairstyle look

Your twisted braid hairstyle is ready for action this season!


The braided twists

The braided twists

Step 1 – Part your hair straight down in the middle. On the right hand side of your head, separate a 2 inch section of hair from the front and plait it into a regular 3 strand braid.

braided twists hairstyle look

Step 2 – Repeat the step for the left hand side as well. Braid the separated section until the end and tie it. Loosen both the braids slightly. Then turn each braid around and pin them together at the back of your head.

braided twists hairstyle for summer

Step 3 – Take a section of hair from in front of the braid, twist it and loosen it slightly, then pull it backwards and tuck it behind the braid. Secure it in place with a U-pin.

braided twists hairdo

Step 4 – Take a second section of hair from in front of the braid and repeat it by twisting and tucking it inside the plaid. Follow this on the left hand side of your head as well.

heatless hairstyle for summer

Now all that’s left is to flaunt your brand new heatless hairstyle!


Braided space buns

Braided space buns

Step 1 – Separate a large section from the top centre of your head and braid it into a simple 3 strand plait.

bun hairstyle

Step 2 – Similarly, separate a section from the right hand side of your head and braid it until the end. Do the same for a section of hair from your left hand side.

bun hairstyle for summer

Step 3 – Then wrap the braid around its base, hold it in place and secure it with a U-pin. Repeat this for the braids on your left and right hand side of your head.

braided hairstyle look

Your braided hairstyle of triple space buns is all you need to stay cool in the summer heat.