Hair Highlighting Techniques: 5 Stunning Styles To Try

Written by Kinnari AsharJan 24, 2024
Hair Highlighting Techniques: 5 Stunning Styles to Try

When you change your hairstyle, whether it's with a significant cut or a new colour, it can have a big impact - not just on your appearance, but also on how you feel. If you want to refresh your style, trying out some hair highlights for women is a great way to start. Adding some strategically placed brighter streaks can breathe new life into your hair, giving it more texture, depth, and dimension.

Even if you usually stick to your favourite highlights or balayage, why not take advantage of the upcoming change in seasons to try something new? Hair highlights are a versatile trend that can help you achieve your hair colouring goals, whether you want subtle, face-flattering highlights or to cover your grey strands.

We've outlined some of the top highlights hair color trends for this season. Let’s take a look!

Hair Highlighting Techniques: 5 Stunning Styles to Try

If you're looking for a way to add some excitement to your hair, highlights are the way to go. Hair highlighting is the process of lightening certain strands of your hair to create a contrasting effect, resulting in a fresh and stylish look. The appeal of highlights is that they can transform your hair without the need for a dramatic cut or colour change.

Hair highlights for black hair can add depth and dimension to your hair, making it look fuller and more textured. They can also brighten up your face and accentuate your best features. Whether you want to go for a subtle look or a bold statement, there are many highlighting techniques to choose from.


Classic Foil Highlights

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Foil highlights are one of the most popular hair colouring techniques that have been used for decades. This classic highlighting technique involves weaving sections of hair and applying hair colour or bleach to small pieces of hair that are then wrapped in aluminium foil. The foil helps to isolate each section of hair, allowing the colour to develop evenly and preventing it from touching the surrounding hair.

Foil highlights for black hair Indian skin can create a range of looks, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. This technique adds depth and dimension to your hair by lightening specific sections, creating the illusion of movement and texture. Foil highlights also provide a more natural look than other highlighting techniques because they mimic the way the sun naturally lightens hair.


Balayage Highlights

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If you are looking for a trendy and versatile way to add some dimension to your hair, look no further than balayage highlights. Balayage is a highlighting method that involves painting the colour onto your hair for a more natural look. Unlike traditional foil highlights, balayage creates a more subtle and blended effect that grows out more gracefully. One of the best things about balayage highlights hair color is their versatility. Whether you have short hair or long hair, straight hair or curly hair, balayage can work for you. Plus, because the highlights are painted on by hand, your stylist can customize the look to fit your hair and face shape perfectly. Another great thing about balayage is that it requires less maintenance than traditional highlights. Because the colour is blended more naturally, you won't have to worry about noticeable roots as much. Plus, if you're not ready for a full head of highlights, you can start with just a few strategically placed balayage highlights to add some dimension and see how you like it.


Ombre Highlights

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Ombre highlights are a popular hair colouring technique that involves transitioning from dark to light colour for a stunning and striking effect. This style is achieved by applying a darker shade of colour at the roots and gradually blending it into a lighter shade towards the ends of your hair. The transition between the two shades should be smooth and seamless to create a natural and effortless look. Ombre highlights are versatile and can be customized to suit your personal style, skin tone, and hair length. The key to achieving the perfect ombre highlights is to choose the right shades of colour that complement your skin tone and eye colour. You can choose from a variety of colours such as blonde, brown, red, or even pastel hues. Ombre highlights are a low-maintenance style that works well for both short and long hair. They are a great way to add dimension and depth to your hair without committing to a full hair colour change.


Fantasy Hair Highlights

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If you are ready to explore some creative and bold hair highlighting options, fantasy hair highlights are the perfect way to express your unique and artistic nature. These highlights are all about having fun and creating a look that is truly one-of-a-kind. When it comes to fantasy hair highlights, the options are endless. You can go for bold and bright hues like pink, blue, or purple, or you can opt for a more subtle look with pastel shades. You can also get creative with the placement of your highlights, whether it's a few strands framing your face or a full head of colourful locks. One of the best things about fantasy highlights hair is that they are a great way to express your personality and creativity. Whether you're looking for something edgy and bold or something soft and dreamy, there is a fantasy hair highlight option out there for you.


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To maintain your highlights, it is important to use a colour-protecting haircare range that not only protects and makes your hair colour last long, but also helps repair hair damage. The TRESemmé Pro Protect Shampoo is one such sulphate-free shampoo, infused with the goodness of Moroccan Argan Oil. It helps in retaining hair colour and seals in moisture, along with lending a long-lasting vibrancy and shine to the hair. Its sulphate-free formulation helps gently clean your hair and maintains its natural shine. Use this shampoo with the TRESemmé Pro Protect Conditioner. Infused with the Pro Protect system and Moroccan Argan Oil, it deeply nourishes and hydrates, promoting healthier strands. Bid farewell to frizz with its dual-action keratin formula, ensuring up to 3 days of smooth, glossy hair. This conditioner is sulphate and paraben-free, making it suitable for all hair types.

FAQs about Hair Highlighting Techniques

How do I choose the right highlighting technique for my hair?

The choice depends on your desired look, maintenance preferences, and natural hair colour. Foil highlights are ideal for a defined and controlled appearance, while balayage suits those seeking a low-maintenance, effortlessly blended style. Ombre and sombre are great for a more gradual colour effect.

Can I highlight my hair at home?

While at-home highlighting kits are available, achieving professional-looking results can be challenging. It's recommended to consult a professional hair stylist for personalized advice and application, especially for intricate techniques like balayage.

Will hair highlights damage my hair?

When done by a skilled colourist using quality products, highlights generally don't cause significant damage. However, it's crucial to follow proper aftercare, including deep conditioning treatments, to maintain hair health.

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