When it comes to hair colours, Indian women hesitate from trying lighter shades as they do not suit everyone. However, there’s one shade that flatters all skin tones - caramel. Caramel hair colour is a beautiful blend of brown and golden hair colour shades. It complements both light and dark skin tones equally, making it perfect for all Indian skin tones. In fact, there are so many variations and types of caramel hair colour that you will be spoilt for choice. It is best to consult an experienced hair stylist before colouring your hair, as they will tell you what suits your style and skin tone best.

From deep sun kissed browns, to beachy and chestnut caramels, this can be a great way to transition from your current hair colour into something light or dark. If you are planning to get your hair coloured soon, now is a great time to do so. Because this is the season to try all things new! Need inspiration to get that caramel hair colour you have been wanting for a while? You’ve come to the right place, we have handpicked the best caramel hair colours that are trending this season, so you can show your hairstylist exactly what you are looking for!


1. Salted caramel hair colour

Salted caramel hair colour

Image courtesy: @emilybeth_hair

Do you love drinking a salted caramel milkshake, well, guess what? Now you can wear it too in the form of hair colour! If deep dark brown shades are not for you, opt for this gorgeous salted caramel hair colour that’s oh-so-trendy this season. Colouring your hair in this warm shade will also give your hair a light, bouncy appearance. Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek has the same gorgeous hair colour shade and we just can't get over how amazing it looks on her. If you have medium to long hair that is in need of some serious transformation, look no further than this!


2. Dark caramel hair colour

Dark caramel hair colour

Image courtesy: @hbk_hairbykavita

When it comes to dark hair colours, women often don’t find a lot of options, especially for Indian skin tones. But here’s something that’s definitely going to work for everyone - dark caramel hair colour. It will frame your face and add a beautiful shine to your tresses. It is one hair colour that will make your mane look healthier, naturally. No matter what your hair length, it gives the appearance of thicker and voluminous tresses. Fix an appointment with an experienced professional and show them this exact picture to get the trendiest caramel hair colour of the season. Maintaining this colour is also pretty easy, but don’t forget to buy shampoo and conditioner particularly meant for coloured hair.


3. Caramel highlights

Caramel highlights

Image courtesy: @razzohaircare

If highlights are on your mind, consider this gorgeous caramel highlight that instantly won us over. Whether you have an asymmetrical bob, long layers or a lob that grazes your collar bones, this caramel hair colour idea is perfect for everyone. Skin tone plays a small role when getting hair highlights, so you can get this exact same shade or something darker, the choice is yours. Do you see how gorgeous it looks even when you tie it into a half-up, half-down style? That’s what we like the most about this one. Tie it into a ponytail or a messy bun and it will make sure you look your stylish best.


4. Caramel balayage

Caramel balayage

Image courtesy: @salon.amani

Balayage technique came as a hair trend a few years ago and it still continues to be the most trendy way to colour your hair. If you have never tried caramel balayage before, it’s time to give it a go and see for yourself how great it looks. A stunning mix of caramel, oak and soft blonde, this hair colour is sure to garner you a lot of compliments. Look your trendy best with this beautiful hair colour! So, if you’ve been meaning to get a makeover, this is the perfect time for it, and we’ve even picked the right shade for you!


5. Ombré caramel hair

Ombré caramel hair

Image courtesy: @pascalcosteofficiel

After getting your hair coloured, one concern that bothers most women is regrowth. Frequent visits to the salon is a real pain, we get it. That’s why ombré hair colour came into existence! It’s not only stylish but also saves you from frequent salon visits. With this caramel hair colour, your crown will appear naturally dark, whereas mid-lengths to the tips will be coloured in cool caramel highlights. It is perfect for someone with naturally dark hair, such as Indians. If you are tired of regular salon visits to get touch-ups, consider getting this trendy hair colour and make time for other stuff in life such as relaxing!


6. Honey caramel hair colour

Honey caramel hair colour

Image courtesy: @hairby_arci_

Caramel honey brown is one hair colour that has many takers. This gorgeous shade complements Indian skin tones so well, that you need not worry about how it will look on you. The best part about this hair colour is that it shifts the focus onto your eyes. If you wish to make your eye colour or shape pop, this is the caramel hair colour you should opt for. Women with dark brown eyes can colour their hair in this shade to get a gorgeous monotone look. It is arguably the best shade out there to enhance any woman’s beauty.


7. Caramel Toffee

Caramel Toffee

Image courtesy: @hologramsalon

Toffee brown hair colour was a huge rage at one point and pretty much everyone wanted to get it only to realise later that it may not be the best hair colour for Indian skin tones. However, with caramel hair colour being the trendiest shade in town right now, we’ve spotted the perfect melange of the two shades and it's called caramel toffee. Since toffee can be a little light, caramel hair colour adds the perfect amount of warmth to it making it perfect for all you gorgeous girls out there. If you came here looking for some hair-spiration, this colour is an absolute stunner!


8. Chocolate caramel

Chocolate caramel

Image courtesy: @irenestylist

Chocolate brown is one of the most loved hair colours, and a lot of you may have already given it a try. Now think of chocolate caramel. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Now imagine wearing it everyday! Chocolate caramel not only sounds delicious, but looks gorgeous and classy too. The transition between the shades is amazing and looks natural, plus it is perfect for every season. What more can a girl possibly ask for?


FAQs about caramel hair colour

FAQs about caramel hair colour

1) What is the caramel hair colour?

A. Caramel is a gorgeous hair colour that falls somewhere in between blonde and brunette. There are a lot of variations of this hair colour and one can choose the perfect caramel hair colour based on their skin tone. It is one of the trendiest hair colours right now and you will be seeing a lot of it in the upcoming year. Now is the time to get it, as it will give you the perfect makeover!

2) Is caramel hair colour warm or cool?

A. Caramel is definitely a warm shade. Ensure you maintain the perfect balance of warmth while opting for this hair colour. It has a low to medium maintenance level, meaning you won’t have to visit the salon frequently to get touch-ups.

3) What is a caramel blonde hair colour?

A. Caramel is a warm colour whereas blonde is cool, combining the two can create a gorgeous brown-meets-gold shade that looks like sun-kissed hair. Talk to your hair colourist, if they say it will look good with your skin tone, you should definitely opt for it.

Main image: @anniemurphydaily